Monday, August 17, 2009


Somewhere along the way, I saw a tiny clip of what I now know is the wonderful short film "Validation." I never knew there was a full story to that clip, until just the other day when I received a very simple and lovely tweet from @WarrenWhitlock. It said: "@growinggold Love you back. You are so much like"

So curious... I had to watch. By the end, I was crying with joy!

Such an easy statement sent in response to a very simple tweet I had posted to express my gratitude... And now, I was on cloud nine!

After watching "Validation," I was incredibly moved and honored to be compared to it, as funny as that may sound! Even more funny, I never even realized how much I completely do it all the time - until now! So, thank you Warren Whitlock for sharing your grace and lovely presence, to shine a light for me!

If you have just a few minutes, I highly recommend watching "Validation" right here online. It'll make you laugh... maybe cry... and most of all, it might make you smile with its simple and very sweet message!

Share a compliment and make someone smile! As I would call it, help grow someone else's gold, because you can! It's so easy and SO helpful to us all... to help our world shine a little more, smile a little more and feel good a little more ~ just because!

Sending warm wishes round the globe, as I sincerely hope I am "growing gold" every step of the way.

Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and creative facilitator devoted to "growing gold, from the inside out." Here on Tid Bits of Gold, Sharon shares morsels of gold found in everyday life, to shine a light more clearly on the positive potentials we all hold. She has been working on her first book to reveal her secrets for "doing change, creatively" with plans to share this information far and wide, very soon. Please follow this blog to stay tuned in!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Found Money

I just stumbled on an update I posted to a social network nearly a year ago... and it's so juicy, I just have to share the story here, for it is such a great morsel of gold that many can appreciate!

One day early last October, I had just come off the phone with my little brother to say Happy Birthday to my one-year-old niece. It was a great connect with really good energy, because I really miss and love my little brother and I completely adore his new little daughter... Well, the timing of our talk was such that it was right when my brother's small little town in the mountains of Eastern California was all over the national news about a plane wreckage that had been discovered in the mountains there.

So as we talked, I mentioned the news and asked about all the hubbub going on in his little town. That's when I learned that my brother, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., is friends with the hiker who had earlier that week, literally stumbled upon some money in the woods - money that was later determined to have belonged to a very wealthy and famous pilot who had disappeared a full year prior.

When my brother shared that he knew the hiker who'd made the discovery, he told me, he's a really humble guy who worked at a local sporting goods store and had just been out hiking around off trail when he stumbled on the discovery. And that's when he told me that the guy had been awarded a very handsome reward for turning-in the thousand dollar bills he'd found strewn across the mountain side... I sort of gasped at this news, and then we both said... "Wow, so that guy just became a millionaire - by walking in the woods! What do ya know 'bout that?!".... We really got it... and with a huge laugh and jubilant recognition, we were so happy to revel in knowing his friend's extremely good fortune.

And I said... so, guess the moral is... just keep doing what you know is right... and before long, good things happen... just because!


I really love coming across this story today, because it is such a rich example (pardon the pun!) ... and a great morsel of gold from everyday life!

It gives me such a hopeful feeling to know things like this happen! To me... knowing good examples of what is possible is so important because the idea gets planted in us that we could have this kind of good fortune too! Because... Why NOT?!

This hiker was a really humble guy... when he made the find, it was mostly just money laying on the ground - many thousand dollar bills and a hardly distinguishable torn piece of paper. He was a pretty humble guy for whom I'm sure $100 would have been awesome "found money"... not to mention what many $1000's would be! So, he could have just kept the money, as I'm sure it might have easily seemed "left without a trace" to any owner... but after considering the situation, he thought he'd better notify authorities, for after all, it was a bit strange to find that kind of money laying around out in the woods.

Lo and behold, it was quickly determined that this hiker's find was the missing clue for a plane that had disappeared a full year prior, for which all search efforts had failed. The money he'd found apparently belonged to the famous pilot who had been lost "somewhere in the Sierra."

So it was a miracle really... the hiker notified authorities, turned in the money and that was that...

But then... the story came full circle, the hiker was eventually given a $1 million award by the family of the pilot! Wow! That had to have been an enormous shock - and a huge jackpot for him!

So, he did the right thing, gave up the money he'd found which was probably hard to part with, but he ended up getting back an enormously more substantial amount... not to mention the whole "rest of the story" that unfolded in bringing closure to an unsolved mystery for the pilot's family and all others concerned! And all of that... "for just walking in the woods" ~ Amazing!

So, good things do happen... often when least expected... and just because!

Here's to holding hope, and knowing, treasures behold... it all comes around in the end! ~

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant. She shares morsels of gold found in everyday life and our world, through her writings and Creative Coaching practice where she empowers others with tools for "doing change, creatively" ~ in life, business, community and more. To learn more about Sharon, please visit ~ and follow this blog to catch more stories, pouring!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sharon gets Published at Zen Moments

Isn't it interesting when a story just keeps on going...

I shared a personal experience on my blog a few months ago. And recently it was discovered by the website They wrote to me asking if they could share it... and now I understand why!

My story was about an article I had received via email, that also happened to link back to the zenmoments website. However, the intrigue is that the story I later learned was pretty viral and famous across the web, was also very personal to You see, they were the folks who connected the dots to track down the missing author of what was then an anonymous story circulating thousands of times across emails and blogs... about a "Cab Ride." Zenmoments was so curious and taken by the story that through a very diligent effort, they found the author Kent Nerburn, and published his piece on their website with the author's permission... the first to find, honor and recognize the author of the now famous story "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget."

Well, sometime much later, I came along and had my own very personal and moving experience with "The Cab Ride" story and its author. I shared my own story on this blog, about how the piece hit me and my life at a very pivotal time. Well, months after sharing my own story, surfaced in my life too, and they wanted to publish my story too! So the great news is, now they have!

I share with you now that my piece called "Reflections on The Cab Ride" is now published at - right here. The article appeared here on Tid Bits of Gold first, back in April 2009 - and now, I am honored to say, it is being shared again, at

You can find my first posting of "Reflections on The Cab Ride" right here on the Tid Bits of Gold blog, and if you like it, I would love to hear your thoughts with a comment at either the zenmoments site or here at TidBitsofGold.

And remember... zen moments are real... happening all the time! So be sure to keep an eye out... you don't want to miss 'em!

by Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant. She took an extended sabbitcal this year to write her first book, and is now preparing to launch a new website that will share her teachings and content more fluidly. She shares tools for "doing change, creatively" through her creative coaching practice, and she writes about the stories that unfold, as morsels of gold found in every day life, work and play. Find more from Sharon Corsaro at and be sure to follow this blog, to catch more stories!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


in the moments I have left...
I must shine this light upon us, my dear, upon us, so clear...

in the moments I have left...
I must shed this light upon us, so clear, upon us, my dear, upon us... oh so clear

in the moments we have left,
we must shine this light upon us my dear, upon us so clear, upon us, oh my dear...

in the moments we have left,
we must call the light upon us my dear, upon us so clear, upon us, oh my dear...

in the moments I have left,
I must feel this light upon us, oh clear, upon us oh so dear, upon us... oh my dear...

in the moments we have left...
in the moments that are here...
in the moments we have now...

we must call... the light to share...
we must call... the light to bare...

we must call... the light... call the light... call this light... tonight.

in the moments we have left...
we must call upon the highest, my love, the highest, my love, the highest...
we must call the light to be...
we must call the light, to see...

we must call... the light...

call the light...

the light...

by Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach, freelance consultant... and periodic creative song creator! At times of stillness, living song comes pouring through Sharon as natural human instrument, where words, melody and more come forth - on the spot. While professionally focused at present, on writing and creative coaching... Sharon's truest art, is shared through her voice. A rich spirit with melody and words came forth on this evening, repeating the words from above... To learn more about Sharon's voice and vocalArt, please visit or

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All about Coaching: Catch the Interview!

[Catch the Archived Interview - click here to listen NOW!]

What is Coaching?

We hear it all the time, "I'm a health coach, or I'm a business coach, or I'm a writing coach..." Well, there are SO many different types and styles of coaching... you really have to dig a little deeper, to find more.

What do Coaches really do... And why would someone want a Coach?

Well these are the questions that hit Kimyon Zari, creator of The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles Show on Blog Talk Radio, when she decided to host a panel of Coaches to get some answers for her listeners. And your's truly... Sharon Corsaro, Creative Coach extraordinaire... was one of the first to line-up. Quickly running from idea to fruition, Zari has assembled an excellent group of Coaches for a show that is sure to knock your socks off, with all you want to know about Coaching!

"A Coaching Forum," streaming live from the web Thurs night, July 30 from 5 to 6:30 pm Pacific Time (8 to 9:30 pm Eastern Time), promises to reveal a wide variance of opinions and styles from a great line up of Coaches. Sharing expertise and styles that range from personal to business, creative and more, the show should be hopping with variety and fun!

Answering questions like "what is coaching," "how can coaching help clients" and "how has coaching helped YOU," Zari aims to stretch the gamet for 90 minutes of lively discussion - and a great opportunity for listeners to get a lot of information without putting themselves "on the line." Yet, as time allows, the panel will take questions from listeners, as individuals call in their personal queries too.

You won't want to miss this one... you can catch it from anywhere you're able to log online, and here's the skinny for how to:

The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles Show, hosted by the Kimyon Zari (@TheDiamondCoach) on Blog Talk Radio, airs Thurs., July 30 at 5 pm Pacific Time, 8 pm Eastern Time. Interviewing a panel of Coaches with a wide range of styles, Zari aims to get down to brass tacks - All About Coaching!

The show can be heard over the web - Just log onto the webpage and click the player box found just to the right of the host's picture:

Hosted by Kimyon Zari, @TheDiamondCoach,
eatured guests include:

Michelle Casto, @brightmichelle
Anita Charlot, @anitacharlot
Sharon Corsaro, @growinggold
Charles Major, @iamamogul
Bahiyah Shabazz, @shabazzmgmtgrp

We'd love to hear your thoughts LIVE... but if you have to miss the live show, a recording should be available online... Find a recorded version of the archived show right here!

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant empowering the principles of "doing change" creatively! She shares wisdom unearthed from years of navigating the process of change and creative development, through her writings and coaching. Offering Creative Coaching in bite-sized consultations by phone, Sharon shares a highly flexible format that allows clients to seek her help "just 30 minutes at a time" when needed... Just one session can be the catalyst for clarity that lands all pieces into place, or ongoing periodic support, for a business project or life change could be in order too. It's the growing gold philosophy that drives Sharon's passion for "growing gold, from the inside out".... where clarity is her gift, and mobilizing us all forward, is her path!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What about Clarity?

Did you ever feel like you needed to bounce your ideas around with someone... you know, the classic "sounding" board?

Have you found that when you need that, it sort of doesn't matter that the person on the other side knows all your details or even understand the dilemma... because what matters most is that you have a place to "sort out the pieces" - get things out of your head and into an "open space" to let it all shake out, and breath?

Well, this is the premise on which Creative Coaching stands. You see, what I've found through the course of helping myself and others over the years is that "sounding off," you could say, is extremely important. Sorting out the pieces of what we're dealing with at any given time does an amazing service for the forward motion of the greater creative process - for whatever you are creating, doing or changing, at any given time.

"Sounding off," as I say, is a process of putting ideas outside of oneself and into the air where they can be felt, heard and conceptualized more clearly than when they were crammed up inside us, bouncing around in our heads instead. Often, just hearing yourself speak an idea aloud can be enough to know that the idea is on track, or not. Or, give you enough clarity to realize, "no, that doesn't sound right at all" and quickly come to realize what does sound right.

So, take this "sounding board" concept... add a big dose of deep compassion, plus some very clear vision, and you have the formula for some very valuable assistance, delivered in the form of Creative Coaching.

Coaching can offer many things... and these days, what I've found is that many times we have the answers, we just don't know it. And so, we simply need clarity, to move forward. We need help sorting out the pieces - in order to move the pieces - forward. I know I need this when my "creating" process gets jammed up - and I know others need it too! And that's why I have reformulated my Creative Coaching service to make it... dare I say, a bit more clear! Clarity is what I bring to the table... not just my own clarity, but the clarity I hold and embody has a way of waking up clarity in others - and that's what matters to you.

So truth be told... I offer "clarity" Coaching! Creative Coaching that farms "clarity" from inside you. I offer this service over the phone in easy to digest, bite-sized consultations that provide just enough help to move things along. We do more or less, as your needs and personal or project situations require... And it's very easy. Teams can be part of the process, or just one individual. It's very simple.

Most importantly, it is clear. Very clear. When you're taking steps to get somewhere new - creating something you've not done before - or changing something old... Clarity is critical. Clarity helps you see what you need now, and in so, helps you move forward toward your next step!

So, are you having trouble seeing through the clutter in your life, project or situation? Answers come far easier when you sort out the pieces! I invite you to taste a session or two... it might be the very thing that's been missing, for you!

Sharon Corsaro's Creative Coaching is available in 30 minute sessions delivered by phone or Skype. Ask and you shall receive - It all starts with a simple email request from you. Get more details on Creative Coaching & Consulting here or just shoot off an email to growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Here's to life unfolding with incredible ease, great vision, and crystal clarity, for you!

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant empowering the principles of "doing change, creatively!" She shares wisdom unearthed from years of navigating the process of change and creative development, through her writings and coaching. Offering Creative Coaching in bite-sized consultations by phone, Sharon shares a highly flexible format that allows clients to seek her help "just 30 minutes at a time" when needed... Just one session can be the catalyst that lands all pieces into place, or ongoing periodic support for a business project or life change could be in order too. Sharon is passionate for "growing gold, from the inside out".... where clarity is her gift, and mobilizing us all forward, is her path!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creative Coaching

Sharing a gift of quick and constant assessment earned through years of navigating constant change, creatively ~ Sharon Corsaro holds a heart for helping others be vastly more empowered in creating and changing the landscape of their lives, businesses, projects, communities and more.

Energizing and mobilizing, Sharon assists others
through brief consultations that awaken vision,
motivation and new energy... to propel forward motion.

Shared in bite-sized 30 or 60 minute sessions by phone (or Skype), Creative Coaching is flexibly offered with meetings arranged at client request, for long or short term support.

Provoking others to see more clearly, new vision and creative thinking open in others, as Sharon holds a torch for tapping into the creative energy of person or project - to mobilize!

Through engaging, creative, insightful and very straight-forward dialogue consultations, Sharon helps others have courage to see beyond obstacles, clarity to sort through "mind clutter" and energy to forge clear forward motion.

With strategic alignment of words, goals, energy and actions...
clarity itself propels forward motion... where seeing the path is far more than an important first step, it is a critical component for any process to move forward!

So, whether sorting out one step in the process of many changes, or crafting a vast new direction for a project or life change, continual clarity of vision is key to moving forward!

It's very simple.

We meet by phone (or Skype) just once if that's the catalyst you need... Or many times, if ongoing support is right for you.

Life changes, business developments, creative projects... whatever you are creating or changing... we collaborate to find the variation that suits you best.

Creative Coaching uncovers insights, fast - deciphers direction, fast - propels movement, fast - and most of all, taps into your creative energy where your answers live - fast... to open and grow forth, the changes you seek!

Give it a try ~ It's easy... Let's help you today!

To reserve your space on Sharon's Coaching Calendar, please reach out by email --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com. Appointments are typically set weekday afternoons.


Beyond Creative Coaching...

Sharon's skills and past experience have included many tactical consulting services in project management, communications, creative collaboration, assessment, program development, writing and more. She has worked for or with large organizations, government service agencies, community groups, communications projects/teams, youth and families and more.

While her time is spent today writing, coaching and sharing her teachings more widely, Sharon is also available on a case-by-case basis for Freelance Consulting Projects and can be reached by email for more information in that regard --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Please visit Sharon on to learn more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is growing gold?

Why do I use the name growing gold? And why does it matter to you?

I suspect many people think "growing gold" means something like growing "money," but the heart of this matter is FAR more important than even that...

You see, my reference to "gold" is about inner gold... and inner gold is the critical key to everything.

So "growing gold" is about many things... but it starts with finding access to the stuff inside - the gold that comes pouring forth from inside people, projects, teams, organizations, groups - when their creative energy is tapped into and turned ON!

When creative energy is awake and thriving, that is like tapping into a river of liquid gold! And as enormous bonus, when inner gold is flowing... SO much more follows... because creative energy - the living inner gold of everything - is the juice that makes it all happen.

Creative energy is the living force that creates and changes everything - and it is what we need in every arena to build new ideas, create effective changes and grow just about anything. Waking up access to inner gold means gaining a whole new world of abundance that reaches into everything...

Well beyond growing "money"... "growing gold" means gaining access to the well inside that can help you create whatever you need! It's a system... a way of being... a way of thinking and doing... and it's all about gaining access to the creative juice that makes everything tick!

So whether you are creating a new business, changing your life, inventing a product, crafting a great solution, producing a creative product, navigating enormous change and much more... the gold inside you - your project, your team, your group - is the tremendous asset you want to grow! It's the sweet spot where all things click into place and work!

Unleashing the creative "gold" is key to everything... Sparking it to life to access your gold is pivotal... Helping you do that is what I do. Whether Creative Coaching, Freelancing, Consulting or engaging a conversation to create something new, it's always all about accessing the sweet spot - tapping into your inner gold to find the vision it holds, the guidance it can share and the courage it knows for taking steps well beyond your mind's belief for what's possible, and well into the magic place that dwells in the heart of all that gold!

growing gold from the inside out ~ to enliven, empower and bring forth natural and inherent gold... in everyone and everything... is precisely my goal!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
Learn more at

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News from Sharon Corsaro

June has arrived and I am SO happy for it!

'Tis the season of pursuing greater connection. Magic happens when I reach out... So I reach out to you today and say, let's see what we can do!

It seems I am always moving faster than I'm able to keep up with, so I take this moment to communicate some of what I'm working on... Maybe I'm here to help you?

1. Freelance Writing: Yes! I wear so many hats that many folks don't even know I'm an old marketing/communications pro and writer (plus digital filmmaking and video/audio production too). Given all the writing I've been doing for myself lately, I decided to dig up the old Freelancer Hat to share my skills with others as I've done heaps of professional writing while working for PR/ADV agencies, government programs, schools and contract projects. I am available via telecommute for online writing or offline projects, with a wide variety of skills, including interviews/research and writing plans/reports/proposals, editing or creating materials for PR/Adv/Mktg projects, writing online content, media materials, other creative projects, schools/public service reports or proposals. If you need this type of support or know someone who does, I'd love to help - just ask.

2. Doing Change Creatively! I've been writing and encapsulating my own creative work. It's all about leveraging the natural creative process to empower the change that's happening all around us ~ and doing that, creatively! I'm gearing up to preview some of the material in audio, radio, interview formats... will be sharing more on that, very soon!

3. Clarity Coaching: After taking a sabbatical from coaching to write, I'm ready to offer a little bit of my gold! Re-calibrated format to match me... On-demand Laser Coaching offers fast and poignant clarity checks that share crisp clean energy with folks who need help moving forward or focusing strategic, clear and creative vision for any stage of their process - in creative, business or personal pursuits. Sessions are "on-demand" because they are as needed... We meet via phone for however long you need, and we do it just once, periodically, or when you need it. So, you need a boost? Some clarity on a current challenge, creative brainstorm for your next business steps, ideas for communication, marketing or new options? It's very straight forward. I help you see, and through seeing, we open the path to create your solutions. (Visit related post: What About Clarity)

4. Networking! I continue to connect with many amazing people I've met over the last year and more... and thankfully, where I haven't yet reached... I keep getting found! I aim to continue connecting with new and old friends, adding to Facebook, Twitter and growing LinkedIn and Plaxo too! For those who want to find me online... I'd be happy to hear from you. I use the name growinggold most everywhere...

On Twitter: I'm @growinggold (
On Facebook: I'm
On LinkedIn: I'm
On Plaxo: I'm

I'm also using a new email ~ growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

It has been one heck of a journey... I hope you are enjoying the wild ride of life as much as I am. Even when it is harder than I could have ever imagined, there's still something good to be deciphered, unearthed, found or learned... in just about every moment!

My heart is moved by the people I find when I reach out! Thank you for being one of them ~ May you be blessed in your days!

Thanks for stopping by ~
Sharon L. Corsaro

Monday, June 1, 2009

Enjoying what is, right now

I am so happy it's June 1st - and I finally feel perfect being right where I am.

Such a funny life keeps unfolding for me... It makes me laugh! I feel like I'm inside a giant storybook and, anymore, I might as well just sit back and read it - if only I could?!

I took this "break" away from Los Angeles awhile back... a breather that turned into a sabbatical - which of course involves a book! Well, there's so much to share on that, but I'll condense for now to say, months later I'm still out of LA... but no longer hiding ~ au contraire, I am here to engage and share! Thanks to this wild invention called the Internet, I can!

Have you ever felt like you needed a "timeout?" Well, that was me back in January - except I didn't know that when I swiftly followed my instincts, packed up my life and got on a plane to housesit for a friend in the cold far north of Alaska for a few weeks. As I write this now still gone to the north, I can see that I was sort of like a little kid who really badly needs a nap, fights it desperately, finally gives in, and after a really great long sleep, is wonderfully refreshed, pleasant and all new again!

Seems to me, God and the Universe lined things up so perfectly, that it's not been til now, many months later, that I finally realize how drastically I needed that timeout. A long deep unwind has reached levels of my person I couldn't have imagined... unraveling me back to life - when I didn't know I was un-alive?! Just worn out I think... but now - whew! I am fully renewed, refreshed, alive, recharged and ready to engage like never before, with great new energy!

I can't even express how grateful I am for the way things occurred. Sometimes life throws things at you, and you just gotta go with it... even when - especially when - it makes no sense, for there just might be a miracle waiting at the end.

Funniest part is, throughout what I've felt as this "what the heck am I doing here" period... I've lived with a daily pressure - that despite being in a gorgeous place, super peaceful in the middle of nowhere at the foothills of North America's largest mountains, writing my book, safe and well-cared for - I have constantly felt I "needed to go" get back to life in LA.

Every day for months now, I've thought "I need to go"... So you can imagine the great sigh of relief as, today, I can finally say, I feel great being right where I am. While I know I won't stay here forever, I finally feel it's OK for me to be here right now. Craziest part is, there's been very little negative impact and instead great positive impact in me being here. I can fully connect via internet and cell phone to do just about anything with the outside world - work, network, share - all while being safely tucked away in a quaint little village with great peace of mind as I walk in the woods, go to the river, breathe fresh air, enjoy forever sun light, visit old friends and eat fresh wild food... So what's the trouble? Well, it just took awhile for me to settle into the fact that this has been the biggest blessing of my life! And that, coming from one who's had a life full of global adventures, powerful introspection and enormous blessings - making this one then, pretty darn big!

So now that I'm finally good with all this, I feel great. I can let go of being distracted every day by "I gotta go" and instead, just fully take it on and "get it done." There's loads of work I can do from right here and "going back" will come when it's time, soon enough!

So what's the point?

Today, I celebrate life - being happy with what is, right now - and I encourage you to do the same. Sure, there are always obstacles, but we can get around them! For me... the grocery store is 14 miles away and I don't have a car, I don't have running water in my abode, I haven't seen a great film in ages... and I'm far away from many great professional gatherings I'd be attending back in LA. BUT... there is an enormous greatness here that's far different and unique... so I choose to focus on that and take in the blessing of what is right now, while I can!

So I say, celebrate hidden blessings... celebrate the lemons thrown at you... celebrate the "nap forced upon you"... Celebrate what is right now! Enjoy the natural way of life... the way things naturally unfold... the way things can magically line-up when we sit back and let them! Allow and enjoy what is, right now - even if it's only gonna last for a minute... as you watch the way the clouds move in the sky, or notice the person you pass every morning, yet hardly ever "see." Celebrate the magic that shows up in your life everyday, and just be happy with what is!

I share with you as I remind myself - let go of questioning the way things are and instead just enjoy, take in the greatness that is in every moment... and celebrate how good it is, even when it's not!

I'm so happy to say, I am loving life today! Happy to be right where I am... as the sunshine comes forth from inside... Perhaps this is true for you?

Sharon L. Corsaro
@growinggold on Twitter

Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter Magic

I finally got it!

I jumped into the stream of Twitter sometime ago and this weekend after literally 1,000 Tweets, I finally got it with crystal clarity...

My best analogy goes something like this...

Imagine you walk into a huge auditorium with piles of people standing around chatting, engaging, playing, about all sorts of things, business, art, music, politics, family, the environment, travel, commerce and more... like one big party. Now... imagine you started mingling through this crowd as though it were your goal to meet as many folks as possible or simply mix your way through the crowd like a playground for your life's greatest scavenger hunt, where you can find all the answers you need - and share all the answers you hold! Now... imagine this was all happening in an imaginary "space" where all people are connected by no more than a link through the internet, which happens to span the globe! Now add thousands upon thousands upon thousands of opportunities to "meet and greet" along your path across this giant "room" and voila ~ Welcome home for you have arrived in the new Twitterverse!

It might sound crazy... but truly... this is what it's like! I might have figured out the true magic of Twitter, cuz I really think it could be seen as a global-sized party where all types of people imaginable can be found! And for me, even more fun and wildly curious is that there are people to match all the different parts of me, all inside the space of Twitter - as though I only have to think of them... and they show up! (Well, maybe I haven't quite found a match for all those diverse sides just yet... but I know they're out there!)

So the big trick is - contact! You gotta make contact in order to engage or be "heard" by anyone... You have to follow and be "followed," for people to hear your words when you give a shout - with a Tweet! So just like in real life, you have to brush up against someone to say hello... Only, in Twitter, you simply have to know/see their Twitter name in order to make contact. Once you do, you can reach out and follow! If they follow you back... bingo... you now have one more person within reach of your "voice" to receive your Twitter words when you post a Tweet.

So I see it like this... You walk into this great auditorium that reaches around the globe, and anyone you brush up against (make contact with and "follow") you can engage with... Even after you may have "walked" hundreds of people away from the one you met at the door - all the way across the Twitterverse "room" - you can still shout back anytime to that first person with one simple @Tweet, to say hello!

But what do you SAY with all those people?

Just like in life, the real magic begins when you realize you can engage with ALL sorts of different people, differently! You might talk about the weather with one person, merely say hello to another person, find an instantly deep soul friend in another, develop a great business rapport with another, a playful childlike friendship with another, gain a consoling elder in another, a girl-talk friend in another, a serious philosopher in another, a great business partner in another... the list goes on and on forever!

Twitter is just like life - it holds great diversity! And it will be as diverse as you allow it to be... If I choose to relate with one person about my VocalArt, another about my new book and the science of change, another about a marketing tool or writing project, personal relationship or world travel... I can! Because there is such great diversity in this vast "room" of Twitter - I can make it whatever I choose - and so can you... like a great big party of life... ready and willing whenever you feel like "checking in" on the "networking party" that simply never stops!

The key is, you gotta make contact to engage... So you see someone interesting (you click on their name after someone else writes to them, or you use the search tool to find people related to words that match your needs)... and you reach out to them to connect... You "follow" them, let them follow you back... then when the time is right - just like hanging out in that huge auditorium of life - you find yourself standing next to them (that is, you see them Tweeting in the stream at the same time as you) so you strike up a conversation! Or, if its information you need, you hunt around, ask questions and collect piles of new info. Inspiration you seek? Friendship? Just like life... Twitter can provide whatever you need! And just like any large arena... there are times when you feel like talking to a whole crowd of people in a group conversation (when you use a hashtag to track your dialogue) or other times you want to just listen (read the words of others) or sit quietly with one person to contemplate the nature of life with a one-one back and forth.

The way we engage in Twitter - just like in life - varies as much as any mood... The best part is, Twitter is full of opportunity to do it however you like - with the chance to meet new people from across the globe at just the touch of a finger. You can share a lot or a little... or just take in the scenery. It's all up to YOU!

So if you haven't joined yet... try it out... As my new friend @WarrenWhitlock tried convincing me when we met a good six months before I joined, Twitter is not nearly as overwhelming as it seems... Instead, as I've learned, it opens wide a door of opportunity - to meet and greet with a whole world - a whole Twitterverse - of people I may not have ever found, any other way!

Twitter puts the world at your finger tips... ready to listen, share or just be ~ just waiting for us to show up! If you're already there, let's engage... follow me @growinggold and reach out to say hello.

I hope to see you Tweeting in the big ballroom of life very soon!

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, coach and unique presenter sharing the art of change through creativity, with voice and VocalArt that surpasses all expectations! She is presently working on her first book that aims to demystify the complex science of change and creativity that is found in every arena of our lives, work and world. Follow Sharon on Twitter at or follow this blog at right ( to stay abreast of the news! And thanks for stopping by!

Sharon L. Corsaro

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reflections on "The Cab Ride"

I had an amazing thing happen last week. It all started with an innocent email from an old friend sharing a highly "web-circulated" story of miraculous magnitude. I may have seen this story before, seemed familiar, but this time "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget" hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, I've spent the last few months living in a precarious way... I left Los Angeles for the back woods of Alaska to write... and during this time, I've had some very interesting moments, to say the least. Miraculous encounters while being present in the moment watching the simple yet curious happenings of life in a small village where things are... a bit different.

I took off on this journey to write, though I don't think I knew that at the time. I just desperately needed a break from the mayhem of Los Angeles and this seemed the perfect spot. Many years ago, I lived in these parts, so coming for a "visit" was not too difficult. Friends who are like family opened a door... and back in January, I felt that getting a break out of the city - into the cold dark barren north - would be good medicine to clear my mind and help me write.

So the other day when I read this story "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget" I was especially moved... It was such a clear and potent example of the way life can be, when we are present, as I've been experiencing on a constant basis in my slowed-down life where peculiar is most common in this character-driven town of a few hundred people near the base of North America's greatest mountains. The richness we can find in the blink of an eye when we really pay attention to what's going on around us can be profound.

"The Cab Ride," if you haven't seen it, is about an old woman's ride to the hospice where she will die, as told by the driver of her cab, a now-famous writer sharing a story from his own distant past. The story was so poignant and yet simple... and struck a particular cord for me. See my time this winter has been filled with helping elderly friends with daily life - chopping wood, shoveling snow, taking care of others while putting life's eventual end near in my thoughts during breaks from my writing... These times have highlighted the importance of taking in simple moments, being present with what's happening now and staying clear, to be a friend.

So when I read "The Cab Ride" story last week, I was incredibly moved, so much that I immediately wrote to the writer Kent Nerburn, an accomplished author and much sought after speaker - I just had to. Crazy part is, he wrote back to me - within 10 minutes! I was so moved by his story, then the writings I found on his blog, that when I got a personal message back from him, I was sort of stunned.

And what I must share now, is what struck me most from that experience last week.

When I read this man's writing... literally every word echoed with enormous grace for me. I was dramatically taken by the potency in his words... his depth and wisdom permeated me with every word - literally. It was palpable... I could feel his words... even as they seemed so very simple, there was something incredibly rich transferring unto me, coming through his writing, that really moved me. And that is when it hit me... as though this great writer was reaching through the ethers straight to me to say... DO IT! You have got to share your words! I have grappled with writing... I love to write and I know I must do so, yet I wonder how on earth this will work when all I "see" is me just telling stories... writing. I know somehow it will work and I'll make a great living with my words... but at the moment, as revenue mechanisms for writing are being honed, I sometimes worry, wonder and ponder... how on earth am I really going to do this?

So that day, as I felt the presence of this hugely grounded writer hanging out right here with me in my own personal space, I was hit clear as day with a powerful reflection... This man's words were cutting right through me as I realized he was showing me that is what happens through my words too... I have sensed my words move others deeply, yet we all have doubt... The moment became a powerful confirmation as I experienced what seemed a demonstration, that indeed, simple words DO have very deep impact.

I was able to feel the depth of this man's entire life experience through the simple reflections he shared... And that's when I knew. It is in sharing the way I see the world... that which comes from lifetimes worth of reflection... that my morsels of gold are carried forward. Experiences shared through the way we see and the depth we read into life is what's so important and valuable to share - to carry it all forward.

So I am deeply grateful for "The Cab Ride" landing in my inbox when it did - and even more, for the sequence of events that unfolded from there, for I was able to experience the great man and writer found in Kent Nerburn - and he has inspired, fueled me forward - to carry forth and share the stories that I hold.

I've spent so many years traveling this globe... experiencing life in the moment... pioneering creative life that in itself brought about deep wisdom for understanding the organic processes of change and creativity... And my knowing has come through miraculous experiences in countless foreign situations - in the moment - where I knew no more than what was right in front of me, as I learned to respond in a flash, to make the changes that would come. This is the mastery I developed along the way... and now, I am knowing, it's time to share the unfolding stories!

I am deeply grateful for that powerful day last week when I encountered this great writer and his simple yet deeply moving story of a ride in a cab one night many years back in his past.

I invite you to share the magic... "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget" is posted at and shared with the author's gracious permission. If you're interested, Kent Nerburn humbly shares some of his own post-thoughts from the viral experience of his story traversing the web - found at his blog

Deep thanks to Kent Nerburn ~ for his spirit, courage and perseverance as a great writer!

by Sharon L. Corsaro

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach, freelance consultant and facilitator. She has traveled the world sharing her communication and creative collaboration skills while learning how to live the magic of being present in the moment. This year, Sharon's been working on her first book and speaker's platform to share her creative tools for navigating the process of change in everyday life. She offers Creative Coaching by phone to help others gain clear vision for strategic forward motion in personal and business endeavors, and she writes about "the gold found in everyday life" on this blog and on Twitter @growinggold. To learn more about Sharon Corsaro, visit her home website at

Friday, April 17, 2009

Collaboration Takes Courage

As I reflect on a conversation from last night, I recognize the challenge of collaboration.

From outside perspective, I could see two people who could do very well to collaborate with one and other… And then I realized, they could also be in competition with each other. That’s when I thought... what if they chose to join forces, to become two working toward a similar goal, instead of just one – what if they chose to collaborate instead of compete. From outside perspective, I could see how rich this could be, I could see how abundant it becomes when two or more join forces. Yet when I reflect this same principle back onto myself, I realize and remember, the notion of competition.

It’s so ingrained in us to compete… I suppose it is our very nature for survival in the wild. Yet, I know too, there is another way – and as I reflect, I realize how much doing it differently, takes courage. Courage “to be” from a different place, courage to see from a higher perspective, courage to allow and embrace union and the possibilities of united forces, as opposed to being afraid.

As opposed to being afraid of the competition, what would happen if we joined with our competition to create a mighty force for tackling a new solution, creating something great... putting our might together to embrace the goodness that can come when we collaborate for common good? I suppose this is exactly what occurs when entrepreneurs join forces. There's a level of trust that must occur for two or more people with talent to join with others, for they could just "do it" themselves, hire out the help they need… but then again, there is something magically very different about working in collaboration… the meeting of mutually talented minds who have equal power, strength and ability to "do it"... yet actually realize and know - they can be so much better if they unite! Thinking with a glimmer of hope, "what if we join forces?!"

It is very different to collaborate. It's easy to see the great potential in joining up with other great minds - especially from outside perspective - yet there is an element of fear to be surpassed, in order to embrace the necessary change in attitude - from competition to collaboration. I've been working with collaborative thinking for ages... and yet still, with this thought and reflection today, I challenge myself to go ever further... to think about the greatness that can come in unified force... when I join with others who could be competitors, yet we choose to instead embody possibilities and join our energies for greater good while best of all, encouraging and carving a path for others to do the same.

Collaboration could be the changing tide we need, for greater good to prevail!

Collaboration is a key concept in the chronicles of Creative Change ~ the term I've coined to describe the notion of empowering the process of change, creatively. Coming soon to book, multi-media, live and web formats, please stay tuned for this wild ride! Join me to follow this blog at right ( and watch for great news to come!

Thanks for stopping by!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brainstorming - What IF?

"What if" you suspended all judgment and parameters that hold you where you're at, when you reach the need for new solutions... What if you "pretended" there were simply no limits - what might your brainstorming produce then?

"What If" is exactly the place I propose you aim when seeking to make a change.

The other day I shared a story about creative brainstorming and promised to reveal some tips. So today I share the beginning ~ The "What If" Principle ~ as top on the list, where magic begins.

Brainstorming is all about getting creative and allowing childlike innocence to explore new solutions - for truly, it is our inner child - the younger aspect of you or your cohorts - that really knows how to play, explore and have fun... Where fun is alive, creativity thrives! And where creativity thrives... you can bet you'll find some great creative juice with a good solution or two!

So go for the fun of it... and let yourself think "what if?!"

"What if" creates possibilities... you can almost feel it tangibly in your body when you say "what if"...the kid inside starts peaking through as "what if" begs positive potential... it's fun, easy, playful and sorta spunky as it's saying to you but "what if..." with a big curious fun-loving "?" hanging at the end...

So have fun and brainstorm! Give yourself permission to let go, suspend your "box," judgments and all the "can'ts" you live with... and just play! Play with a little creative brainstorming to break out something new, and let the magic get going...

It is from childlike innocence that the best innovation can occur for that is where there is an abundance of creative flare with breakthroughs and great ideas for a new way of doing something that simply wasn't working anymore.

It is in the unexpected that greatness occurs. Empower that potential for yourself or your team by getting childlike - asking "what if" - to just see what comes.

"What if" literally opens new energy... it opens your creative thinking for a positive upward spiral where the "string of thinking" that comes is most important. You must open the door, suspend limitations, to allow the unravel of new thought to come forth. Saying "what if" helps do just that, by opening your mind... allowing judgments to suspend while putting aside limitations - to embody a moment of "potential" instead of "what currently is."

This suspended notion creates enormous openness... like stepping into an imaginary world where you can "create" the answer you need. As you day dream a potential, far more is occurring and suddenly you envision an option that seems wildly outside your norm, yet you realize the idea could actually morph into a true answer that could work right away. Your imaginary "day dream" may not be so "outside" true possibilities. Yet you would not have found the "day dream" idea had you not allowed yourself to explore and wander in your thought with open willingness to say "what if."

Creative brainstorming requires openness. Openness brings new ideas alive that may have been blocked by your belief they were impossible. As you open creative space for what you deem unlikely options, you might actually find that an outlandish-idea-moment causes you to see something not-so-outlandish that really could work - only discovered by playing... and hearing yourself spill out words for something wildly outside your realm that make you think "hm, but what if?!" Could be, a variation of your "wild notion" just might work.

Whether you're looking for a new answer to getting a car, changing jobs, creating more money, or building a new service with a team of folks online, creative brainstorming by asking "what if" is a simple yet potent tool for allowing the new, by removing perceived roadblocks, to create a brain "storm" that bursts open new energy, for new ways of seeing opportunities.

Coax yourself out of your own box and into the open space of new potentials... and help get your mind outta the way to play a little by asking yourself or your team ~ "what if?"

The "What If" Principle is one that I've come to use in my Creative Coaching & Consulting practice... It is one of many concepts shared in new writings coming to book, multi-media and web formats to inform what I have coined "Creative Change" - the art of doing change, creatively. I hope you will stick around for the ride and follow this blog on the side bar (at to stay abreast of the news!

Thanks for stopping by ~

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Brainstorm Anyone?

The other day I was helping someone brainstorm an idea, and in the midst of our discussion, I found myself getting into coaching some basic creative principles because I was being hit with barriers that I knew were blocking the flow of new information...

"Can't do" statements were coming at me from every direction, and that's when I realized the "how to" of creative brainstorming is deeply ingrained in me such that, while I do it all the time, I hardly think about it - it's automatic... until confronted with a moment when the flow is being blocked by too many "can'ts."

The beauty of the encounter was that it caused me to get incredibly clear about how and why creative brainstorming works so well... and that's what I want to share... It's all about the power of "what if."

Creative brainstorming - for any purpose - is a critical tool for creating new solutions. Of great importance to the brainstorm process itself is how it is done... Funny, as I write this I realize that while I use this tool constantly in my Creative Coaching life and work to empower new changes and solutions for myself and others - I realize right now that I think I actually learned the basis of this formula back in my early days working for large PR/AD Agencies where there seemed an unspoken law for "how to brainstorm" every time we'd pile into a conference room to help a colleague generate new "stuff" for a client - a new slogan, marketing idea, media pitch and much more.

Little did I know back then, in my much less visionary days when I could hardly see a new idea if it were on my nose, that creative brainstorming and solutioning would become core to the very fabric of my person, not to mention hugely integral in my work. Crazy... but over the years I grew into a fountain of new ideas - huge evidence that things DO change over time!

Nowadays, creative brainstorming spills out into everything I do and say, so the pendulum swung quite far - such that I sorta forgot how hard it once was - until this moment the other day - when I was quickly reminded that not everyone knows how to do the zesty zany brainstorming thing that brings out "light bulb" moments one after another, while waking up creative solutions that have been waiting in the rafters of any home, office or random conversation...

So with some painful memory, I do recall the days when I had no clue for how to allow new ideas... and a full 180 degrees later, I now realize had it not been for the agency environment, I might have had no idea how to brainstorm with even an ounce of zest or zing.

And in reflection, I realize the unique value of this gift... and so in memory of my former left-brain-only self, I share some of the "art of creative brainstorming" I developed over the years to help others with tools that can help any type of new solutioning. It would have been so helpful back in the day, had someone spelled this out years ago for me... so, I share.

...To Be Continued...

More to come... Stay tuned and look for next post. Even better, sign up to follow this blog in the right side bar ~ and catch what comes!

Creative brainstorming is just one of the tools I share in facilitating Creative Coaching for individuals, groups/teams and their projects... It's just the tip of an iceberg I've developed over some 25 years of doing change, creatively. Sharing new writings on what I've coined "Creative Change" - the first book, multimedia formats, website, live programs and much more are being launched this year.

Creative Change is here to stay... I hope you'll stick around for the ride! Please join me by signing up to follow this blog on the right side bar ( and stay abreast of the news that's coming!

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Sharon L. Corsaro

Friday, April 3, 2009


I was determined I would be out of here by end of March... today is April 3rd and I'm still here with much yet to do on my plate.

Surrender rings through as I step back to ponder... surrender and know it's all coming. Surrender to what is occurring right now and trust there is a greater plan at work while knowing "the plan" is always evolving and ever so constantly fluid!

Surrender to the fact that I left California to carry out a plan of getting my book written, having the new work packaged, programs launched with new websites plus all sorts of administrative work in order, and well... even just writing it here makes me realize - I am quite the one for setting expectations beyond the highest height.

So I settle... and remind myself... settle down, the pieces and plans are in motion with an energy so much bigger than anything I could possibly conjure up on my own... there's a bigger plan unfolding... and it's simply not stoppable now...

It is true... all things DO come in time... and perhaps it is time I surrender to allow... and take time to notice the miracles!

I am amazed and in awe when I see that every step, every turn there is always a lending hand. I am so supported I have to take note and be thankful... I go to get groceries and stop to see a friend only to be piled with free food because she's leaving town. I take a walk down the road and I'm stopped by someone I only just met to be asked if I can do some work to help them out... I stop over to another friend's at just the right moment to help with a teenage dilemma... When I have the need, I am offered a place to stay, food to eat, vehicle to use and the list continues... So while my bank account may be getting lonely as I spend time writing and working out the plan... I am continually vastly blessed, for whenever I realize a need, I am quickly met with options, answers, solutions... So I continue to be present with those around me, as they do the same for me... and amazing grace is more evident all the time, as though calling out to say "it's okay, just allow, and let go."

I am fulfilling a plan... and yes this darn physical world takes much longer than the speed of my vision. I see something - and want it done - snap of a finger, just like that. Funniest part is, lately it's been a bit scary as things come almost that fast... so I am watchful of my thoughts and try to take it all in! And then there are times when I aim to do *everything* all at once, too much, and I must come back to my knowing, that *time* might need a little more space than I've allowed.

*Surrender* I know is the way... to let go and allow the unfolding of a vision and plan I have very clearly barreled forth into motion... some things just can't be stopped - only need just a little more time.

And so with that again, I am faced with my own teaching... Allow time and space to unfold the works you've set into motion... just take a deep breath, and let go.


by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wisdom Arising

Today I celebrate my own personal New Year as the first day after my birthday… I vowed to rest yesterday but this material churned up inside, so I share.

Couple days ago, I found myself saying "I’m celebrating wisdom and new beginnings, without adding years."

I had been wished Happy Birthday and I really wanted to respond with "shhh, I'm pretending it’s not happening" because – truth be told – there comes a time when we really want to pretend the years are simply not adding up. But despite my instinct to seriously say "shh," something deep inside responded to that thought as though saying back at me “no, that isn’t right.” And that's when I realized, while part of me really wants the whole birthday thing to "just go away," there is something else far more important – and that is about honoring my birthday for wisdom and new beginnings.

I don't like the idea of aging, yet it's true that in time, age deserves huge recognition, it deserves to be honored for the time that has passed and the wisdom that has grown – as the wise one inside – like the phoenix rising – deserves recognition, hands down! Wisdom, after all, holds enormous wealth as a most valuable asset that simply cannot be bought – it only must rise, over time.

So while I dislike the idea of getting older, on the other side of the same dreaded coin is another quite different emotion… I love knowing each year brings me deeper into the woman I am, as I come forth with more presence and the younger version sits back to listen. From this, I am knowing, my own personal New Year brings cause for huge celebration, as evidence that time has prevailed and wisdom persists.

While I wanted to pretend it just wasn’t happening – my heart screamed forth loudly, “Honor your wisdom, be grateful for the years, the mistakes you have learned from – and be happy you have made it this far!” And so I gain new footing.

I realize I would not want the years to stand still. Sure I'd love to look better as when I was younger with a few less wrinkles, gray hair or extra pounds, but I know far more important than looks, I am profoundly grateful for the richness I have gained through the passage of time. If the price tag for getting this was to age a bit in the process, then I am much happier to be more like a bottle of deep red wine who’s every drop is greatly savored, than I would want to be anything else!

I celebrate wisdom and new birth as I remember this March 30th to give thanks for the miraculous feat it has been to get me this far in this world at this time – as I know, every turn of the path, every trial and tribulation has been miraculous – as though I’ve been carried by an army of spirit, to grow forth from inside, the woman who’s wisdom is rising.

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go with your Gut

Funny how timing can be so impeccable...

I share this story as an example... for the amazing precision of timing and the beautifully interwoven nature of our lives, where the slightest change in a moment can make a big difference...

I was in the grocery store the other day when this funny thing happened. I wasn't buying a lot, so when the lines were full, I opted for the express lane. While I was loading the conveyor belt, a few ladies stepped up behind me with one or two items in their hands and a rushed feeling about them. I felt pressured by their rush, so even though I was already up to the checker, I started moving my things back and encouraged them to step ahead of me in line. They tried saying no, but I insisted because I wanted to take my time. Finally they agreed to go ahead of me, and I was relieved to continue at my own pace.

Well, I was still sorting out my groceries when I noticed the ladies having some trouble at the register as I immediately realized they were foreign visitors and a bit unfamiliar with our system. The checker was asking them to enter a phone number into the box and while they were trying to do so, it was clear this was puzzling and cumbersome. So my instinct was to help and I quickly offered to punch in my own phone number to move them along to finish the process... And then came the great surprise... when the checker said "oh yes, you saved a lot" at which point we all looked a bit shocked...

It turned out they saved over $20 on their purchase - in the express lane no less - from the store discounts they got by me punching in my phone number real quick on their behalf.

The ladies were quite surprised and immediately one of the women turned to me and said "and that would not have happened if you hadn't pushed us to go ahead of you in the line"... to which I quickly responded with a smile "that is exactly what I just thought too!"

We all laughed with the fun of the moment's surprise as we each immediately "got it"... Had the sequence of events not occurred exactly as they did, these women would have spent $20 more for their small bit of groceries! We all smiled and laughed with a "thank you" for the wonder of synchronicity, as we shook our heads in amazement knowing that my persistence ended up making a big difference.

What's it all mean?
So this stuff happens all the time... sometimes we know and other times we don't. What happens when it's much bigger things, what happens when we honor our gut feelings and listen much more? When its more significant? Isn't that happening all the time too? Perhaps it's words shared in a conversation that plant a seed and later serve as the tiniest morsel that ends up saving someone's life? Or maybe it's acting on a feeling that makes absolutely no sense logically but just feels right - and it is!? What happens when its the breakthrough of a lifetime, because we get exactly what we need to move a "boulder up a mountain" and make the world a better place - because we listened to a hunch? What happens when it simply causes you to meet a new friend or find a new relationship that later makes your whole life different in the end?

What happens when we listen every time to the gut feeling that always knows?

What we do in every moment makes a world of difference. The turns we make on a street, the people we smile with, the words that come out. The literal movements of our every day and every moment - including the talking we do online... all these things, make a real difference - and sometimes very big.

It took a very long time in this life for me to feel, hear, believe and/or listen to my gut feelings. It used to be I literally had no idea what that was - and thankfully, that changed. Over time, I grew into the person I suspect I always was (but didn't know)... with rock solid gut feelings, and senses that can literally reach around the globe. Yet even with this core strength today, there are still times when I can be like a defiant teenager - and I don't listen to what I know in a moment's notice. Just simple things, like turn here or walk that way... as I quickly see the reason for the nudge and feel a big "I told ya so" as I say to myself "just listen, woulda?!"

So I share this funny story as example because it can be so simple. Just listen to the hunch, the nudge, the gut feeling, because it always knows... and because, "what if?" ~ What happens if we don't listen? What happens when we choose to ignore a gut feeling or intuition? How much are we limiting our outcomes? We'll never really know... so my answer is - aim to listen.

Get to know what you feel in "your knowing" and live by that tune... Tune into your gut and find out what's there, then share what you know, even when it doesn't make any sense in your head... just see what happens when you listen to the moment speaking to you - to make a certain move, say a certain word, or do something just because it feels right not because it makes sense. Time and experience will show that listening to "that feeling" manages to always be right!

Nothing is random... just go with your gut, and see what comes!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gratitude Grows Gold!

I met an amazing man a few years back - Max was his name. He inspired me beyond words just by his way of being and his very humble gift with gratitude.

I remembered Max just now, as I looked into my half eaten bowl of soup and realized I forgot to say Thank You! And that took me back to the moment when Max shared his story - when I could see with my eyes, clear as day, the pathway of gold we all can create, when we simply say Thank YOU!

Such a simple little thing... just say Thank You... and say it all the time... for everything!

You see, Max shared with me that day, that he did this all the time, constantly ("by the thousands" I noted). He said, "Thank You" was just always there in his head, no one told him to do it, it's just what would happen, and in fact, until he was telling me this story, he didn't even realize how much he did do it - that in fact he literally probably said "thank you" a thousand times each day, no kidding! (and by the way, he never worried about anything... his life just sorta "happened" for him with great success!)

And as if this all wasn't enough to rock me... the way bigger magic that day was that as Max talked, I could see... I could literally see a golden path he was creating as he continued to give thanks every moment! As Max talked of his habit - I saw the golden path that was being created with each of his words!

I couldn't believe the power of that moment - the enormous light that was bursting from the bubble of our talk - as I was literally seeing a the path of gold that he was creating by constantly saying "thank you."

I was astonished with the visual... it was so clear and obvious... and such evidence for my deeper knowing.

In that moment, I saw with my own eyes and knew without doubt that it's true, the whole universe of everything - God, the angels, our ancestors, the trees, plants, birds, bees, on and on and on... to everything - they are all really truly absolutely "in cahoots" with us... to create a magnificent world - inside and out - in every moment, in every way possibly imagined!

And...When we "give thanks" it is a HUGE piece of the puzzle... Because in our thanks we are saying back to them "YES!"- "I got it, the gift you just sent in the nice meal, a smile, glimmer of sunshine, yes, thank you, I like it, it's right - thank you and I'd love to have more!" And with that ... more is exactly what we get! Because they LOVE to be acknowledged... the energy that is giving, helping, being there for us all the time, loves to be noticed! Who doesn't love to be loved? It's feedback for goodness sake... everyone - including the spirit all around us - wants and loves positive feedback! Isn't that brilliant?! :)

So it is true - Gratitude Grows Gold...
We literally pave a path of gold ahead of us... when we say Thank You, with love, truth and honesty, in respect for the enormous army of love that is supporting our each and every moment! Literally every move, every moment, every step of the way!

So today I say ~ Thank you for the greatness of this moment, for the sun shining brightly, for the peace I can experience, for the food and shelter, warm clothes, body able to move, clean water, shower at my disposal, legs able to walk, wonderful friends... so much more, and for the amazing people that constantly show up in my world to show me always something new and great!

Blessings from this moment of gratitude ~ and Thank You!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Monday, March 16, 2009

My Curious Adviser...

This is my back woods Alaskan Adviser...Lynn Twigg. His motto that he likes to remind me every so often is: "I always remember to keep my mouth shut and seem a fool... rather than open it, and remove all doubt" recounted every time with a chuckle and a glint in his eye.

In truth, Twigg as he's known, is an 86-year-old very smart trapper, woodsman and pilot who plays a wicked piano for brilliant spontaneous music, and is really quite famous in these parts for his bush plane antics saving many a life over the years since he came to Alaska when it was still just a Territory back in the 1950's.

He's got one adventure after another to share... and whenever he comes and asks me what I'm writing... we get into some pretty good conversations about the nature of creativity and change for what he deduces at the end of each conversation "to be simple common sense." And then I remind him, that he is a very unusual person with an enormous gift of impeccable "common sense!" Not only can he tell the entire story of activity in the woods on any given day just by what he sees on the ground, but he can track any animal, knows every foot print, has walked away safely from numerous plane and car crashes, flies around one of the world's largest mountains and generally is a person who can survive just about anything in the natural world.

So... I say, "Twigg, you do get it I'm sure, because you are quite the exception to the rule as a person who is tremendously tuned in!" And then I remind him that my writing is for regular people who have probably never dreamed of the exceptional experience he's had in his 86 years... To which every time, he laughs with a grin.

He's always taken by how much I get such a kick outta talking to him... so today I shared that it's just that he is such a "great channel"... that it's like "whatever God needs to say to me, it just starts comin' right out of Twigg's mouth" when he walks in the door!

It is a gift to have people like this around... I don't need much... in fact most of why I'm presently in the back woods of Alaska is because I need quite stillness to write and produce... But I sometimes need a bouncing board... and that is often best when the person can "stay outta the way" and allow "the flow" to spill forth through them... Certain people are really good at this, seems like they "check themselves at the door" when they come to see me, and all that comes out of them in my presence is just pure gold! The perfect reflection I need in that moment... to move things along, get the right clarity, or spark a new idea.

So I am very grateful for this time and space... to be here in this place where I have great friends like Twigg and his dear wife Connie, to nudge me along on my way!

It's all good fun out here in the shadows of Mt.McKinley... where people are people and good instincts are the good fruit that is grown!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let Truth do the Selling

I'm having a moment here... Been working on the new book... during which the whole marketing thing swirls around in my head, as I desperately attempt staying focused... But I keep wandering into wondering how the pieces of the whole are going to fall out in real time, real life!

I have an old background in marketing... communications is really my core. But in the years of my growth and development, I unearthed a deeper knowing and the study of change and creativity became my life's work... So while I've got some healthy know-how in the marketing/communications world, that is coupled with a pretty sensitive know-how for how the creative works, how the energy behind our words and actions actually makes it all happen as the "stuff" that drives everything... and that is what I share nowadays.

Well, being true to my own stuff... skill and deeper knowing has cropped up a new thought on the whole "content marketing" thing... With heaps of internet marketing and heavy sales pitches swarming around... Today I had a refreshing new thought on all this that's far more aligned with me and my own work...

I thought... What IF we just did what is Right?! Hm... seems like the right thing to do... I mean...

What IF we just focused on staying pure and clean in our intentions, our words and our actions... all the way through every step of what we're doing?To share our work - whatever it is - from a knowing that the solidness of "what we stand on" and what we are "selling" is absolutely the very best - it is worthy, it is right and it is good... and it simply deserves to be shared... shared for a reasonable price - but shared, just purely...

Leading me to ask...
If we are doing what is pure and right... does it really need a big "sales job?" Like the days of old... when folks held integrity in their word and honesty in what they shared and the absolute expectation on all sides - from buyer to seller - was straight up above board - as the way to be.

My suspicion is that when someone's product or service really IS the best, really IS something new, helpful and worthy of being purchased... it stands on its own power, its energy speaks volumes... Because truth be known ~ whether we feel it, believe it, know it or not ~ energy is the stuff behind everything. And the energy of the intentions behind any action - any sales job - comes pouring forth, whether the visible words and actions match the intention, or not!

So I reach a knowing... my job as the keeper of what I share - just as is true for each of us in whatever we share - is to not be swayed by the competition... To not start thinking I need to schlep my stuff around because that's what everyone else is doing. But instead, to consider... what if I just know the power of what I share and simply stand by that with integrity, trust my knowing that it really IS what's right... and let IT speak for itself?!


Perhaps the test for us all to find our truth and integrity would be to ask... "If I feel I need to do a big sales pitch for whatever I'm doing... is it really the right thing to be doing?!"

If in asking that I find I DO stand by what I'm doing - down to my core - then does it really need the big sales pitch? Maybe instead, it simply needs me to open the sharing - and let "my stuff" speak for itself. Perhaps its energy is rich enough because it is right and good - and it really just needs me to "open the door"... instead of falling in line with the crowd and doing a bunch of heavy lifting...

So I settle as I see that perhaps instead of worrying about the process for all this - I need to just honor the integrity of what wants to be said, written, shared, empowered and promoted through me - and trust IT to allow IT to be known - without worrying over a big sales job...

Translated for us all, I say what if each of us were to simply find and allow what is waiting inside - the passion that is your job to share with the world - and let that come forth as the great living gold that it is?! Wouldn't that be much easier?

People feel what is right... it cuts to the core whether consciously realized or not - it is felt, recognized and known... When we are strong, when we are present and when we have something good to say - people feel it before anything is said. And they're waiting to hear what comes out, before we or they even know it!

When we hear, see, feel integrity without a word, we recognize it!

I dare to say, maybe we are ready to resurrect the times of old, when a man's word was as good as gold! Perhaps that is my aim with this writing... to help us all, head back to that?!

I say - let's go!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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