Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"Tid Bits of Gold" - a blogger's beginning! Now serving to archive Sharon Corsaro's writings from 2008 and 2009, this site contains many sample works and many many "tid bits of gold" in articles by Sharon that share new ideas, thoughts to ponder and more.

New Blog in Formation!

While "Tid Bits of Gold" was a writer's muse --> a place to "put the work" of frequent writing --> now, the writer has grown! Yearning for a new canvas... a new format to work within... now, a new writing space is in development... coming soon to share new energy, fresh perspective, new focus and purpose!

Please stay tuned and join the following or just come back to get the news! And in the meantime, have a browse to see what's come forth from Sharon Corsaro and "Tid Bits of Gold!"

Sharon Corsaro is a creative coach, writer and creative facilitator who's mastered the process of "doing change, creatively" and aims to empower others in doing the same! Having spent recent time writing about her work, soon she will share her creative tools in a first book - coming out, any moment! Follow this blog to get the news... or follow Sharon on Twitter or Facebook ~ and visit to learn more.