Friday, October 24, 2008

Get Outta the Well!

I didn’t even know Theo before that phone call… But from the moment he said “What are you, like Baby Jessica fallen in the well?” we laughed incessantly, after I vanished from the return call promise, letting “I can’t hear you, let me call back from the landline” turn into Theo calling me back 10 minutes later - with the now infamous question. So the joke fit, but what got even better, was the prophetic nature of it all, as our instant chemistry grew into a heartfelt and very funny connection that had us both rolling – one line after another – as Theo proceeded, to throw me the rope!

You see, I think when we laugh at ourselves we soften an edge that makes it much easier to say “yeah, you’re right” when we’ve screwed up, or in my case, just been sitting on “it” for far too long. I needed a tug that day – actually, I needed a big kick in the ass – to get me out of “waiting” or "being too busy” – and instead, just DO IT!

The way I see it, Theo completely did his job that day, playing his role in my life to a tee – as the mighty creative force did its job of always finding a voice – this time, with some great humor from a complete stranger!

Theo’s words could not have come at a better time. The night before his call, when I found myself ready to offer too much time to someone else's project – I stopped myself, thinking “wait a minute, I have many of my own projects to tend to,” as I proceeded to say to myself, “Okay then, its time to get this stuff done – just DO IT.”

And so, it would seem amazingly Divinely orchestrated when Theo came along – perfectly on cue – completely unbeknownst to him – to do his job with me! I didn’t even know him, but I needed his call exactly when he took action. So in the grand scheme of this great cosmic play, Theo came along right on cue for me – of all things, to humor me into saying “YES, I know, I gotta get this stuff DONE – OK!!! I’ll DO IT!”

In the funniest way, he was there to hold me to my word – the “word” mind you that I had only thought to myself no less, just a few hours earlier! So really, all I had to do was decide… and there was Theo – a total stranger – knocking on my phone’s door, to say “Sharon!?… are you stuck in the well? Or are you gonna do it?!” Quite literally, kicking me in the ass – because I needed it!

So as the story goes, this is really how it works – all the time! Decide… and God and the Universe will respond… Dare to actually put words behind your decision – and watch out, there ain’t no turnin’ back!

Truth is, we really don’t even need to “know” each other, we really don’t even need to “know” the circumstances or “know” much of anything actually…

What we really need is to just show up, be present, make the call, say the words that want to spill out – and quite literally, just BE – to do “our job” of being in the right place at the right time, to let it all happen! When we do that, magical things unfold… as we help ourselves and each other – get exactly what we need – all the time!

So I say – DO IT! Whatever “it” is that’s calling in the moment – say the words, turn the corner, write the book, be the stranger… because more likely than not, you're onto something good!

Friday, October 17, 2008


So much in a word... Holiness. Conjures many thoughts, images, feelings - and truthfully I think for me, the whole.

I share this today, as the Holiness of me has been brought glaringly to my attention. Who am I to hold back, who am I to not honor this, who am I to underestimate, the Holiness, in ME? I believe that we all - truly in the whole - are Holy. The spirit that makes all things alive, is the Holy Spirit, in truth - and that spirit is - wants to be at least - really alive, in all things - including us!

It is only my humanness, that forgets, feels badly, gets sad or regrets. It is my humanness, that worries. It is my human, that feels separate. And from that place, today, I am reminded, allow and be the Holiness of me... Allow the Holiness to shine, to be bright, to reveal to me - Allow the Holiness of me and through me, to be the guiding light - that has immense knowing, all powerful presence and magnificent plans, for me.

Allow the Holiness, to Be.

These are the words, that come to me today. And once they did, I realized it was time to share.

So in my times of loneliness, wonder, worry or despair - I am reminded that really my only job is, to Allow the Holy, to be - in me.

May this find peace with you - and may we all be blessed - in a world that remembers... above all else, we are Holy, indeed.

With love in the Spirit of Kindness,