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Archived Announcements, Sharon Corsaro Pre-Blog, 2006-2009

Posting here "pre-blog" News Page from old home website. Archived announcements made from 2006-2009. Posting here May, 2011.


Time to Reflect Anew ~ news postings have moved to the Blog (below)

Sharon's Blog! Sharing the gold found in everyday life with stories, insights and interesting Tid Bits ~ join in and follow Sharon's Blog at ~ And if you're on Twitter... catch her tweeting a morsel or two from @growinggold

Incubation! 2009 brought a big bang of change for Sharon with a much desired "time out" from Los Angeles to incubate and recalibrate in the snowy winter woods. Soon she'll be ready to launch a new web portal, writings, teaching and more! In the meantime, find Sharon's latest writings/articles at


Oct 2008: Sharon's Latest Publishing: Check out to find Sharon's latest published article, a fun little story called Get Outta the Well!

For more articles...visit Sharon's blog at Tid Bits of Gold - and sign-up for the FREE feed so you can catch the new words as they flow... Find more at or

Oct 2008: Creative Coaching & Consulting Brochure - Sharon's Creative Coaching now available in two easy access options. The great value "UnLimited GoldTM" monthly coaching blocks OR the "Quick-Help" one-time or periodic coaching option... Get the skinny on Sharon's info, her Coaching service and her professional services Consulting with this easy reference two-page brochure - click here to view, save or print... And give a call to schedule your appt today - or visit our shopping cart!

Sept 2008: Sightings of Gold - A Blog is Born! Catch the growing-gold wave and share in Sharon's new BLOG Tid Bits of Gold! Visit now and subscribe to the feed at the bottom of the page to get updates whenever new stuff posts!

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August 2008: Performing Live! Sharon is invited once again to share on stage during the "Be Happy Seminar." Sharon presents "Jump on the Train to Change" with her unique brand of audience-engaging interactive music-making! August 9, 2008, Noon to 5 pm at the Radisson Hotel, Newport Beach. See for more details.

July 2008: Growth! Sharon graduates from the powerful business training/hyper growth program, CEOSpace, to grow and expand her creative works! Visit CEOSpace at to learn more about this powerful network of entrepreneurs doing business in cooperation with others to create innovative solutions, products and services! Sound interesting? Ask Sharon, to learn more...

June 2008: Announcing Sharon's SUMMER GIVE! Help Sharon Help Many ~

GIVE the GIFT of CREATIVE COACHING to Yourself or Another! Plus, contribute to Sharon's "Giving Pool" to share Creative Coaching & Consulting with no/low-budget projects, non-profits, unique start-ups and/or individuals who need vision and creativity the most! See details for Sharon's Summer Give and "3 Ways to Play" at and visit our Shopping Cart to GIVE!

May 2008: Sharon shares Spontaneous Song at Event:

Sharon Corsaro invited by best-selling author and speaker Mark Victor Hansen to share Spontaneous VocalArt in coordination with full audience participation to

engage creativity at the inaugural Training Event, May 19 at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, Calif. Check out photos here (that's Sharon with the red scarf) and video coming soon!

May 2008: Creative Coaching in the Round! Leveraging group dynamics to empower many ~ for new solutions, change and forward motion ~ Sharon Corsaro hosts Creative Coaching groups to mobilize! New groups forming now! Click Here for Flier/Details ~ Interested in Hosting? Give us a shout! Don't miss the Spring Coaching Special... below!

April 2008: "Empowering Your Communications" Motivational Talk and Communications Training: Sharon Corsaro will be the motivational communications trainer and opening speaker for the HelloWorld Spring Training Event at REMAX Offices in Torrance, Calif., Sat., April 26 - 10 am to 2 pm. Presenting "tips for talk" to energize and empower communications on every level - amazingly, this event is FREE to guests! Sharon opens the program ahead of HelloWorld leading sales person, Todd Duncan - so be early! Guests are welcome! Click here for location - Click here to ask for more information.

April 2008: Kick-Start your Life or Business with Creative Coaching - and this SPRING 2008 SPECIAL! Spring is here with New Life abounding - why not spark some for YOU?! Click here to get the skinny on Sharon's Spring 2008 Coaching Special! Limited Space - Get YOUR's NOW!

April 2008: New story/song "Thank You Comes in the Thousands" - In an amazingly simple yet perfectly potent story, a true morsel of gold comes forth in conversation with a new friend... Song produced in 2007, shared here for first time - Click to have a listen

April 2008: New VocalArt SAMPLING Video posted online - In a brief compilation of various short clips, look for never-yet-shared footage from a very special truly spontaneous performance at Women in the Wilderness multi-media art show from 2005, plus other tid bits of group work and dialogue/demonstration that express the heart of Sharon's VocalArt - Click here to view video

Mar 2008: Sharon shares "Dipping into the Well" - Her first documentary-style short film shares the nature of Sharon's VocalArt and Creative Energy - Click here to view.

Mar 2008: Sharon's VOICE-OVER DEMO Goes Online: Sharing 4 examples of Sharon's speaking voice for news, narration, film, radio, TV - Click to have a look/listen!

Mar 2008: Sharon's First NARRATIVE Short Film Goes Online! "Treasures Beheld" written, produced and directed by Sharon Corsaro, is a short story about a guy who wanders bored and alone, only to learn that in the end, surprises come and all is good! A true trial run at the narrative format... story fully changed in the middle of production ~ but that's art! Have a peak here ~~

Mar 2008: "Giving Voice to Vision" Video Goes Online - Finally sharing video clips of the breakthrough Visual & VocalArt collaborative artistic endeavor! Please visit to learn more about the program. Look for: the full spontaneous song (The Last Dance) in which Sharon shares "the voice of" 'Cinderella's Dream' while engaging with a dramatic 9x22 foot charcoal drawing by Uran Snyder; the Video Trailer for the Documentary Film; and finally, the Talk with the Artists just days before the show opened...


Feb 2008: New Office Hours - Sunday afternoons. Making way for easier access, Sharon takes up Sunday afternoon office hours - beach front at Manhattan Beach Pier. Book a Creative Coaching appointment with Sharon and watch the waves as you spark new juice for creative change to come into your life or project...


Feb 2008: Visit growinggold on YouTube! Taking advantage of the world stage, Sharon joins YouTube with the new channel -growinggold. Sharing a number of short films, video interviews and spontaneous songs with video montage, now her work can be seen and heard, much more easily! To see all video/song postings you can go directly to - and subscribe with the click of a button to stay abreast of Sharon's film and voice postings as they go live online!


Feb 2008: Sharon's VocalArt VOICE DEMO Goes Online! Get a taste of Sharon's creative voice with this sample of 7 varied audio takes "VocalArt VOICE DEMO" - plus find a number of spontaneous songs on too.


Feb 2008: Story of Sharon's VocalArt - Video online, alas! Long-awaited, Sharon shares a short personal video telling the story of her voice with interview & demonstration. Click here to have a look at "Finding Voice" by Sharon.


Jan 2008: New Year Arrives with Grace!

Sharon's writing hits the page! The New Year kicks off with a new article written by Sharon Corsaro published in the Jan/2008 "Celebration" issue of the tri-annual magazine, The RAY (a beautiful glossy print magazine available by subscription and at retailers across So Cal). Staying true to hardcopy, this one's a great read for the sofa or coffee house. Click here to see Sharon's article and check out The RAY at for great stuff on "Reality And You" (RAY).


Jan 2008: Can You Hear Sharon's Voice? Check out the finalist TV Public Service Announcement for Tobacco Free California - called "Preserve Life, Don't Smoke" - Listen for Sharon's Voice in the dialogue ("kills thousands everyday..." and... "take good care of it")


2008... almost here...

Can't wait for 2008 to arrive! Something like the end of a great book... when it's time to start all new! Looking forward to 2008 with the final breaths of 2007 basking in the unbelievably sun-drenched Southern California... getting ready for a great new year - writing a book, recording voice, working on film projects, sharing creative coaching and - God willing - a whole lot of life in 2008!


2007 - News/Highlights

Dec 2007: Sharon's Voice coming to the Airwaves... Expanding her Vocal work into film and other more "conventional" voice formats, Sharon makes herself available for Voice Over and Narrative work in addition continuing to share her unique VocalArt - Look for samples of Sharon's voice to be posted online soon! Check out the to find many samples NOW!


Oct 2007: The Book ~ Documenting the unique system Sharon's developed over many years of "doing change" - Sharon's 'Tools for Change' in the works now...


Aug 2007: Sharon joins beach-front Manhattan Beach Office... Book an appointment to see Sharon and you'll enjoy a wonderful ocean view next to the Pier of Manhattan Beach! New client office hours open on Fridays. Click here for map.


Aug 2007: Documentary Film... Sharon directs and produces a mini-documentary: "Giving Voice to Vision: The Making of an Artistic Experiment" to tell the story behind the story of this unique joint art program she co-produced in 2006 with visual artist and friend, Uran Snyder. The new film (made possible by diligent camera work from Mark Meyers and others during the event) - will be availalbe soon!

The making of a breakthrough engaging program that brought VocalArt together with Visual Art for a new and unique experience.Watch the Trailer now - click here!


July 2007: July 4th Independence, Deepens Commitment ~ When there's an opening the road calls... nothing like the great internal movement that comes with spontaneous external movement... windows down, car rollin' cross the open road, clearing the senses, deepening clarity... A brief holiday break provokes a road trip to Arizona with impeccable timing for a most amazing "coincidental" encounter with "The Grandmothers," a council of 13 native elders from across the world who travel to distant corners sharing their message to sustain our world for future generations... A powerful moment with a clear message... provoking deeper commitment to purpose...


Jan 2007 - A New Year! Despite a diligent effort to find a nice quite tuck-away for writing somewhere in the Deep South of the USA... the bigger picture took over yet once again... 2007 starts with a bang of new opportunity and a whole new regimen, in none other than, her original roots of Los Angeles... Instead of leaving LA, Sharon digs in deeper, committing to a new learning venture that's all about this very land of angels, as she dives into learning the art of filmmaking to greatly expand her creative and communication capabilities, hyper-mode fast, for immediate production! Stay tuned to see what comes popping out next!


Twin Angels, acrylic on paper, by Sharon L Corsaro, 2005

2006 - News/Highlights

Creative Coaching... powerful, fun and highly creative ~ Read all about it! If this looks interesting, give a shout if you'd like some help - moving just about anything in your life or work into forward motion - creative projects, embarking new changes, clearing the clutter inside... Consider bringing this work to your town for group or community work, or just tap-in yourself with some local or long distance coaching by phone. Check out the to learn more about Creative Coaching for groups and individuals ~ **Coaching is available in-person at Manhattan Beach, Calif., workshop locations afar, and via phone from nearly anywhere**


Oct 2006: Sharon hits the Stage...

Creative team in Haines, Alaska hosts Sharon for an October 2006 visit to perform the Aurora Goddess in a 12-member live production "The Return of The Goddess," a first-time production portraying a mythical story for healing mother earth. Sharon plays the mother of all the goddesses, as her voice becomes tool for teaching the journeying humans how to bring balance and harmony back to life in the world through their own hearts... a role made for Sharon and her VocalArt!Sharon Narrates all characters while sharing live Vocal performance throughout.


Fall 2006: Creative Retreat

Late Summer/Fall 2006 - Sharon takes personal creative retreat... letting go for big new beginnings... movement is in the air...


Mar 2006: News Media: Featured News on "Giving Voice to Vision" and Sharon's creative work - Click to Read:

Daily Breeze, page 1, page 2 - Sunday Feature, March 12, 2006

More of San Pedro - Feb 25, 2006

Palos Verdes News - March 9, 2006

More Art Reviews on "Giving Voice to Vision" under Media Coverage at


Feb 2006: Sharon's VocalArt is Alive!

Sharon's voice is back and the artist is alive and well...

A Breakthrough Artistic Endeavor ~ VocalArt joins Visual Art!

As founding partner and performer, Sharon offers herself as "the voice of vision" in "Giving Voice to Vision" with visual artist Uran Snyder. An experimental artistic endeavor with new breakthroughs for engaging with art in multiple formats... Read all about it...Great Media Art Reviews... Video clips... And What IS VocalArt? Get the whole story at the project's website ...


Jan 2006: Creativity Classes & Voice Coaching

Class formats developed for the City of Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Department to offer creativity and expressive exploration for teens, parent/tots and adults with classes in: Finding Your Voice (Adults), Understanding Your Child's Creativity (Parent/Tots) and Got Creativity? (Teens). Ask for more details here.