Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - A New Year is Here!

[This article was the start of this blog, born on New Year's Day 2008, however the blog home itself was not physically built for posting until September 2008... Some births take little while... however, now that I think of it, that is 9 months! hmmmm.....]

Happy New Year, One and All!

The line of a song runs through my head for days now, “one without fear” referring to a new year starting - along with “the war is over, if you want it...”

An interesting theme starts the new year for me… no fear. To really truly live without fear. Sure to still have the healthy fear that tells me not to jump into a burning car, but without the other fear, the one that holds me back from good things. The fear that gives me doubt when my intuition says to do a certain thing…

A year without fear – what a wonderful, spectacular notion...

“The war is over, if you want it” – this line has particular meaning, too. I believe we engage in our own personal wars in away - and so in truth, it's not a wonder there's outward war in our world. For me personally, I've been well aware of the war I have waged with myself at times. And I’m ready, I guess I sort of dare myself, to let the war be over… just let it end. No more fight. Maybe I could try harder to love the part of me that I war with… and maybe in that loving, I would become more free, maybe if I loved the part I battle with, that part of me would find some peace, and if that occurred, perhaps, I would be more free, more whole, more at ease, and far more present in any moment, present with what is now in front of me, as opposed to the past, and the battle inside… the war between good and evil clearly reigns, in the hearts of man first, and from there it finds its way into our physical world. So what if... what if we tried to let it go. Give the fight a rest. Allow balance to find its place, allow those two opposing forces to no longer oppose, allow grace to equalize the oppositions and harmonize all sides into one level plane… No fight. No tug of war. No war.

There is so much energy waiting to be alive, fresh, new and vibrant in our world, starting with our own very hearts… the spark of light that gives us life wants to be stoked, wants to become a roaring fire in us. And that fire has a way of catching… light the fire inside me, and next thing I know, wherever I go, my presence, the presence of that fire in me, is lighting fires all around me… sparking alive the light that lives in others, sparking brighter and stronger light to be more alive all around me.

And so on this day, New Year’s Day, I hope and I pray, that we may find greater peace, inside... That the heart of the Mother, the heart of the Holy One, the heart of the Light of Christ and our Maker may be sparked alive, more vibrant and awake, in each and every one of us… That the heart of the Mother be alive in every man… That the heart of the Mother, the Love of Divine, be what we remember when we look in the eyes of our “enemy,” when we seek to find revenge against our oppressor, when we scream out in fear, anger or resentment... I pray today, that perhaps in those moments, a bell will ring inside the hearts of men, a bell will ring inside, to remind us, of love. The love that created us, the love that surrounds us, the love that is our lifeblood, the love that truly, reins over this world. I pray today, that the Heart of the Mother be alive and growing stronger, pouring forth ever more to awaken more light, remember our bonds and bring us more love in our moments of doubt, in our moments of worry, in our moments of fear.

I pray for the world, that we all may find peace. Peace inside, reconciled by God, all worries resolved, by our maker, in love.

I pray for this most, biggest blessings of all ~ for a New Year that is greater, than ever before!

God Bless Us!

January 1, 2008 ~ Hermosa Beach, California

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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