Friday, February 8, 2008

Watch out for Sparks of Gold!

[A sneak-peaking blog that came out before it was born... this the second article written before the "house was built"... while "under construction"...]

Sparks of gold are flying all around us! All the time… it's just up to us to find them, to see them… and in the seeing - to grow them...

The light that sparks when we have a great conversation – when a flash of an idea sparks alive while talking to a friend... Sparks of gold are the glittering moments of inspiration that come when we least expect – in the shower, walking down the road, talking to an old friend. Sparks of gold are like particles of God, waiting to be grown and fostered, waiting to be known.

When we see the golden moments, it's our job to say “hey, wait, there’s something good here” and even without thinking, to run down the path that's invisibly laying itself before us. To allow the innocent wander for something intriguing that's being revealed. For it is when we do that… that lo and behold, we uncover an entirely new walkway - filled with gold! Like the yellow brick road, but a lot better! For this one's unfolding something new and fresh that we've been brewing - perhaps something different than the norm we've been living…This golden path is the light of our soul pouring itself forward, to show us the way to something new. The way to a great new invention, idea, new solution to a problem we've puzzled over... The gold that is sparking, carries the answers... all around us... flickering in the moments we least expect.

So watch out for sparks of gold in your daily conversations… they’re flying all around us, just waiting to be known - and grown!

Have some fun... growing gold today!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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