Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change on the Brain

I'm working on this new book right now on creativity and change... and interestingly, I rarely look into what others are saying on a subject for I want to maintain the purity of my own voice, my own work and content so I tend to limit how much I'll search out other experts until I'm ready.

Well a funny thing happened this morning as I was ready to start writing. First, a piece of admin, I needed to find some information about a Teleseminar I had put on my calendar without enough detail... So I went about doing that, when in the process, I literally by shear accident of a computer glitch, stumbled onto the website of a very interesting expert on Leadership and Change - a woman I'd not known before. So I took some time to review her work and I really liked her energy and presentation style, so I thought I would share...

Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD, works with global organizations and audiences on leadership and change ~ She has a new book coming out very soon called "A New Breed of Leader" that looks like it might be very interesting for some folks ~ If you're interested, check her out at

And now... back to my writing!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sharing this little something that came spilling out when I sat down to write on the book yesterday... Funny, as I read this again now and get to the bottom, it makes me think of a news clip I saw the other day, where people were talking about the economy, and one young man said something like "well, I'm just having more sex, cuz, it's free and what else is there to do anyway?"... I'm thinking... he just might have a point there!

Being scared

Running cold


Moving so fast

Slow down

Just slow down

Turn so quickly

Don’t forget

The good things in life



When I wrote the above, it came out of nowhere and actually made me think - really it's true... the good things in life ARE free... like nature's beauty, smiles on the street, a friendly gesture, love from above... and perhaps it's time to realize that truth! The funny clip about the young man on the news came to me as I was posting this here... cuz ya know... there's always that too!


by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Into the Ice Box?

Nothing like a good deep freeze to get the creative juices flowing...

"Huh?" you say... "isn't that a bit counter intuitive?"

Yes! Though “flow” might seem more likely in warm waters, for me, it is different. I love the cold far north... So I am off to get some work done! Working away on the new book, recordings to come and even more interactive fun... and all that coming from the frozen north!

There’s something strangely comforting and productive for me in tucking away in a barren place where there’s almost NO people… for deep connection to the land, the spirit of place and far reaching roots that seem able to stretch round the globe if I choose. It’s the spirit of Denali this time… the mighty largest of mountains in North America feels just a stone’s throw away as I write this piece, sitting just 50 miles north as the crow flies with 20,000 feet of rising to her peak! Frozen, barren, desolate… and PERFECT for my creative flow!

So I share with you now that I am tucked into the north – writing and producing like a mad scientist… for what will be shared much more widely when I come out!

And with the brilliance of the internet and cell phones, I'm still just an ear shot away by phone and email – even better than in LA – I’m always eager to connect! I’ll be here for a time 'til the work is done, before the great spring melt comes, so please feel free to reach out anytime ~ even to just say hello!

We’re in some crazy times these days… and somehow I know I am always in the exact right spot all the time… I trust and pray the same is true for you!

Signing off for the moment, with blessings from the shadows of Mt McKinley in the Great White North where the night sky lights up like a Christmas tree when the spirit of the north sings her praises!

Much more to come...

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Going Back

(an excerpt on witnessing the "changing tides in life")

I realize today as I revisit this place that I lived a full seven years ago – that there really is no going back.

What is here now is a different set of circumstances, different relationships, different perspectives, hopes and dreams, different people… And even if they were the very same individuals - taken like a snap shot seven years later - there still are so many life circumstances – heaps of life experience – that shape us continually into being the "who and what we are" that the passage of time itself simply creates new waves, new wrinkles in the fabric of our persons… and so if only for that, it would seem that simply the passage of time itself creates change.

We each change over time, and therefore the collective of "the we" also changes. We cannot go back when we have passed through time… we can revisit the same physical place, even with the same physical people, but still, there can be no going back.

Which leads me to appreciating the precious times we have - the eras in our lives - when we have certain relationships in place, nice routines, or rhythm - and that when we have a good rhythm going on in our lives, in our circles, surroundings, circumstances - when things are humming along – it is in those times that we might rejoice... for there is a harmony occurring...

There is a rhythm that has come into our time… a synchronicity, a beauty, a fluid flow for what’s going on that is a good thing… that is smooth and sweet… and should be honored, acknowledged, recognized for its beauty - like noticing a lovely rose or beautiful sunset…

There are times in our lives, when it is simply right to notice… the beauty of the era… the "moment" of life we are living… for the grace it presents… for the flow it presents… for the ease that is present... perhaps in simply knowing we are loved, joyful, harnessed with food and housing and all needs met… There is a time to acknowledge… the beauty, the rhythm, to honor when we find it is present. Even when we do not know how things will go next… for we never really know how things will go next at any time, as things are always changing.

There are times when it's appropriate to honor and recognize the beauty of our life… the greatness of the people and times… even if we always think it should be better, for the times will always change… things will be different again, as the ebs and flows of a lifetime always move on... and things just won’t be the same anymore.

Things are always in the midst of change… and so - we've got to see when it is good – and say Thanks!

I'm grateful for the times of ease... and more than anything, for the times of peaceful people!


by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Only in Alaska...

(this one actually has a tune to it... so you can use your imagination!)

Shared my life with a friend today…
Told him a moose came to say hello,
She had a baby and they both were good
Then they wandered away in the dark…

I shared my life with a friend today,
Found that he also didn’t know
That the owl that came by just to say hello
Brought a friend - and he said,
They were two

I shared my life with a friend today,
And I told him that I’d found a place
Where the weather would drop into freezing cold
20 below last time I had looked

I shared my life with a friend today and he told me
I have to take pictures too...
I said hadn’t thought of it, too absorbed in the moment…
He said better think of it YOU.

I shared my life with a friend today,
We talked and we laughed at what wildness grew
In the lands of Alaska
Where volcanoes swell to a rumble, just down the road…
Earth shook the first morning I woke in her hands…
When later I saw a wolf walking cross the land…

I shared my life with a friend today…
We laughed and we grew to know more…

I shared my life with a friend today,
And there,
We decided
To stay.
And there we decided…. To stay.

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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