Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creative Coaching

Sharing a gift of quick and constant assessment earned through years of navigating constant change, creatively ~ Sharon Corsaro holds a heart for helping others be vastly more empowered in creating and changing the landscape of their lives, businesses, projects, communities and more.

Energizing and mobilizing, Sharon assists others
through brief consultations that awaken vision,
motivation and new energy... to propel forward motion.

Shared in bite-sized 30 or 60 minute sessions by phone (or Skype), Creative Coaching is flexibly offered with meetings arranged at client request, for long or short term support.

Provoking others to see more clearly, new vision and creative thinking open in others, as Sharon holds a torch for tapping into the creative energy of person or project - to mobilize!

Through engaging, creative, insightful and very straight-forward dialogue consultations, Sharon helps others have courage to see beyond obstacles, clarity to sort through "mind clutter" and energy to forge clear forward motion.

With strategic alignment of words, goals, energy and actions...
clarity itself propels forward motion... where seeing the path is far more than an important first step, it is a critical component for any process to move forward!

So, whether sorting out one step in the process of many changes, or crafting a vast new direction for a project or life change, continual clarity of vision is key to moving forward!

It's very simple.

We meet by phone (or Skype) just once if that's the catalyst you need... Or many times, if ongoing support is right for you.

Life changes, business developments, creative projects... whatever you are creating or changing... we collaborate to find the variation that suits you best.

Creative Coaching uncovers insights, fast - deciphers direction, fast - propels movement, fast - and most of all, taps into your creative energy where your answers live - fast... to open and grow forth, the changes you seek!

Give it a try ~ It's easy... Let's help you today!

To reserve your space on Sharon's Coaching Calendar, please reach out by email --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com. Appointments are typically set weekday afternoons.


Beyond Creative Coaching...

Sharon's skills and past experience have included many tactical consulting services in project management, communications, creative collaboration, assessment, program development, writing and more. She has worked for or with large organizations, government service agencies, community groups, communications projects/teams, youth and families and more.

While her time is spent today writing, coaching and sharing her teachings more widely, Sharon is also available on a case-by-case basis for Freelance Consulting Projects and can be reached by email for more information in that regard --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Please visit Sharon on to learn more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is growing gold?

Why do I use the name growing gold? And why does it matter to you?

I suspect many people think "growing gold" means something like growing "money," but the heart of this matter is FAR more important than even that...

You see, my reference to "gold" is about inner gold... and inner gold is the critical key to everything.

So "growing gold" is about many things... but it starts with finding access to the stuff inside - the gold that comes pouring forth from inside people, projects, teams, organizations, groups - when their creative energy is tapped into and turned ON!

When creative energy is awake and thriving, that is like tapping into a river of liquid gold! And as enormous bonus, when inner gold is flowing... SO much more follows... because creative energy - the living inner gold of everything - is the juice that makes it all happen.

Creative energy is the living force that creates and changes everything - and it is what we need in every arena to build new ideas, create effective changes and grow just about anything. Waking up access to inner gold means gaining a whole new world of abundance that reaches into everything...

Well beyond growing "money"... "growing gold" means gaining access to the well inside that can help you create whatever you need! It's a system... a way of being... a way of thinking and doing... and it's all about gaining access to the creative juice that makes everything tick!

So whether you are creating a new business, changing your life, inventing a product, crafting a great solution, producing a creative product, navigating enormous change and much more... the gold inside you - your project, your team, your group - is the tremendous asset you want to grow! It's the sweet spot where all things click into place and work!

Unleashing the creative "gold" is key to everything... Sparking it to life to access your gold is pivotal... Helping you do that is what I do. Whether Creative Coaching, Freelancing, Consulting or engaging a conversation to create something new, it's always all about accessing the sweet spot - tapping into your inner gold to find the vision it holds, the guidance it can share and the courage it knows for taking steps well beyond your mind's belief for what's possible, and well into the magic place that dwells in the heart of all that gold!

growing gold from the inside out ~ to enliven, empower and bring forth natural and inherent gold... in everyone and everything... is precisely my goal!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News from Sharon Corsaro

June has arrived and I am SO happy for it!

'Tis the season of pursuing greater connection. Magic happens when I reach out... So I reach out to you today and say, let's see what we can do!

It seems I am always moving faster than I'm able to keep up with, so I take this moment to communicate some of what I'm working on... Maybe I'm here to help you?

1. Freelance Writing: Yes! I wear so many hats that many folks don't even know I'm an old marketing/communications pro and writer (plus digital filmmaking and video/audio production too). Given all the writing I've been doing for myself lately, I decided to dig up the old Freelancer Hat to share my skills with others as I've done heaps of professional writing while working for PR/ADV agencies, government programs, schools and contract projects. I am available via telecommute for online writing or offline projects, with a wide variety of skills, including interviews/research and writing plans/reports/proposals, editing or creating materials for PR/Adv/Mktg projects, writing online content, media materials, other creative projects, schools/public service reports or proposals. If you need this type of support or know someone who does, I'd love to help - just ask.

2. Doing Change Creatively! I've been writing and encapsulating my own creative work. It's all about leveraging the natural creative process to empower the change that's happening all around us ~ and doing that, creatively! I'm gearing up to preview some of the material in audio, radio, interview formats... will be sharing more on that, very soon!

3. Clarity Coaching: After taking a sabbatical from coaching to write, I'm ready to offer a little bit of my gold! Re-calibrated format to match me... On-demand Laser Coaching offers fast and poignant clarity checks that share crisp clean energy with folks who need help moving forward or focusing strategic, clear and creative vision for any stage of their process - in creative, business or personal pursuits. Sessions are "on-demand" because they are as needed... We meet via phone for however long you need, and we do it just once, periodically, or when you need it. So, you need a boost? Some clarity on a current challenge, creative brainstorm for your next business steps, ideas for communication, marketing or new options? It's very straight forward. I help you see, and through seeing, we open the path to create your solutions. (Visit related post: What About Clarity)

4. Networking! I continue to connect with many amazing people I've met over the last year and more... and thankfully, where I haven't yet reached... I keep getting found! I aim to continue connecting with new and old friends, adding to Facebook, Twitter and growing LinkedIn and Plaxo too! For those who want to find me online... I'd be happy to hear from you. I use the name growinggold most everywhere...

On Twitter: I'm @growinggold (
On Facebook: I'm
On LinkedIn: I'm
On Plaxo: I'm

I'm also using a new email ~ growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

It has been one heck of a journey... I hope you are enjoying the wild ride of life as much as I am. Even when it is harder than I could have ever imagined, there's still something good to be deciphered, unearthed, found or learned... in just about every moment!

My heart is moved by the people I find when I reach out! Thank you for being one of them ~ May you be blessed in your days!

Thanks for stopping by ~
Sharon L. Corsaro

Monday, June 1, 2009

Enjoying what is, right now

I am so happy it's June 1st - and I finally feel perfect being right where I am.

Such a funny life keeps unfolding for me... It makes me laugh! I feel like I'm inside a giant storybook and, anymore, I might as well just sit back and read it - if only I could?!

I took this "break" away from Los Angeles awhile back... a breather that turned into a sabbatical - which of course involves a book! Well, there's so much to share on that, but I'll condense for now to say, months later I'm still out of LA... but no longer hiding ~ au contraire, I am here to engage and share! Thanks to this wild invention called the Internet, I can!

Have you ever felt like you needed a "timeout?" Well, that was me back in January - except I didn't know that when I swiftly followed my instincts, packed up my life and got on a plane to housesit for a friend in the cold far north of Alaska for a few weeks. As I write this now still gone to the north, I can see that I was sort of like a little kid who really badly needs a nap, fights it desperately, finally gives in, and after a really great long sleep, is wonderfully refreshed, pleasant and all new again!

Seems to me, God and the Universe lined things up so perfectly, that it's not been til now, many months later, that I finally realize how drastically I needed that timeout. A long deep unwind has reached levels of my person I couldn't have imagined... unraveling me back to life - when I didn't know I was un-alive?! Just worn out I think... but now - whew! I am fully renewed, refreshed, alive, recharged and ready to engage like never before, with great new energy!

I can't even express how grateful I am for the way things occurred. Sometimes life throws things at you, and you just gotta go with it... even when - especially when - it makes no sense, for there just might be a miracle waiting at the end.

Funniest part is, throughout what I've felt as this "what the heck am I doing here" period... I've lived with a daily pressure - that despite being in a gorgeous place, super peaceful in the middle of nowhere at the foothills of North America's largest mountains, writing my book, safe and well-cared for - I have constantly felt I "needed to go" get back to life in LA.

Every day for months now, I've thought "I need to go"... So you can imagine the great sigh of relief as, today, I can finally say, I feel great being right where I am. While I know I won't stay here forever, I finally feel it's OK for me to be here right now. Craziest part is, there's been very little negative impact and instead great positive impact in me being here. I can fully connect via internet and cell phone to do just about anything with the outside world - work, network, share - all while being safely tucked away in a quaint little village with great peace of mind as I walk in the woods, go to the river, breathe fresh air, enjoy forever sun light, visit old friends and eat fresh wild food... So what's the trouble? Well, it just took awhile for me to settle into the fact that this has been the biggest blessing of my life! And that, coming from one who's had a life full of global adventures, powerful introspection and enormous blessings - making this one then, pretty darn big!

So now that I'm finally good with all this, I feel great. I can let go of being distracted every day by "I gotta go" and instead, just fully take it on and "get it done." There's loads of work I can do from right here and "going back" will come when it's time, soon enough!

So what's the point?

Today, I celebrate life - being happy with what is, right now - and I encourage you to do the same. Sure, there are always obstacles, but we can get around them! For me... the grocery store is 14 miles away and I don't have a car, I don't have running water in my abode, I haven't seen a great film in ages... and I'm far away from many great professional gatherings I'd be attending back in LA. BUT... there is an enormous greatness here that's far different and unique... so I choose to focus on that and take in the blessing of what is right now, while I can!

So I say, celebrate hidden blessings... celebrate the lemons thrown at you... celebrate the "nap forced upon you"... Celebrate what is right now! Enjoy the natural way of life... the way things naturally unfold... the way things can magically line-up when we sit back and let them! Allow and enjoy what is, right now - even if it's only gonna last for a minute... as you watch the way the clouds move in the sky, or notice the person you pass every morning, yet hardly ever "see." Celebrate the magic that shows up in your life everyday, and just be happy with what is!

I share with you as I remind myself - let go of questioning the way things are and instead just enjoy, take in the greatness that is in every moment... and celebrate how good it is, even when it's not!

I'm so happy to say, I am loving life today! Happy to be right where I am... as the sunshine comes forth from inside... Perhaps this is true for you?

Sharon L. Corsaro
@growinggold on Twitter