Saturday, July 25, 2009

What about Clarity?

Did you ever feel like you needed to bounce your ideas around with someone... you know, the classic "sounding" board?

Have you found that when you need that, it sort of doesn't matter that the person on the other side knows all your details or even understand the dilemma... because what matters most is that you have a place to "sort out the pieces" - get things out of your head and into an "open space" to let it all shake out, and breath?

Well, this is the premise on which Creative Coaching stands. You see, what I've found through the course of helping myself and others over the years is that "sounding off," you could say, is extremely important. Sorting out the pieces of what we're dealing with at any given time does an amazing service for the forward motion of the greater creative process - for whatever you are creating, doing or changing, at any given time.

"Sounding off," as I say, is a process of putting ideas outside of oneself and into the air where they can be felt, heard and conceptualized more clearly than when they were crammed up inside us, bouncing around in our heads instead. Often, just hearing yourself speak an idea aloud can be enough to know that the idea is on track, or not. Or, give you enough clarity to realize, "no, that doesn't sound right at all" and quickly come to realize what does sound right.

So, take this "sounding board" concept... add a big dose of deep compassion, plus some very clear vision, and you have the formula for some very valuable assistance, delivered in the form of Creative Coaching.

Coaching can offer many things... and these days, what I've found is that many times we have the answers, we just don't know it. And so, we simply need clarity, to move forward. We need help sorting out the pieces - in order to move the pieces - forward. I know I need this when my "creating" process gets jammed up - and I know others need it too! And that's why I have reformulated my Creative Coaching service to make it... dare I say, a bit more clear! Clarity is what I bring to the table... not just my own clarity, but the clarity I hold and embody has a way of waking up clarity in others - and that's what matters to you.

So truth be told... I offer "clarity" Coaching! Creative Coaching that farms "clarity" from inside you. I offer this service over the phone in easy to digest, bite-sized consultations that provide just enough help to move things along. We do more or less, as your needs and personal or project situations require... And it's very easy. Teams can be part of the process, or just one individual. It's very simple.

Most importantly, it is clear. Very clear. When you're taking steps to get somewhere new - creating something you've not done before - or changing something old... Clarity is critical. Clarity helps you see what you need now, and in so, helps you move forward toward your next step!

So, are you having trouble seeing through the clutter in your life, project or situation? Answers come far easier when you sort out the pieces! I invite you to taste a session or two... it might be the very thing that's been missing, for you!

Sharon Corsaro's Creative Coaching is available in 30 minute sessions delivered by phone or Skype. Ask and you shall receive - It all starts with a simple email request from you. Get more details on Creative Coaching & Consulting here or just shoot off an email to growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Here's to life unfolding with incredible ease, great vision, and crystal clarity, for you!

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant empowering the principles of "doing change, creatively!" She shares wisdom unearthed from years of navigating the process of change and creative development, through her writings and coaching. Offering Creative Coaching in bite-sized consultations by phone, Sharon shares a highly flexible format that allows clients to seek her help "just 30 minutes at a time" when needed... Just one session can be the catalyst that lands all pieces into place, or ongoing periodic support for a business project or life change could be in order too. Sharon is passionate for "growing gold, from the inside out".... where clarity is her gift, and mobilizing us all forward, is her path!

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