Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creative Coaching

Sharing a gift of quick and constant assessment earned through years of navigating constant change, creatively ~ Sharon Corsaro holds a heart for helping others be vastly more empowered in creating and changing the landscape of their lives, businesses, projects, communities and more.

Energizing and mobilizing, Sharon assists others
through brief consultations that awaken vision,
motivation and new energy... to propel forward motion.

Shared in bite-sized 30 or 60 minute sessions by phone (or Skype), Creative Coaching is flexibly offered with meetings arranged at client request, for long or short term support.

Provoking others to see more clearly, new vision and creative thinking open in others, as Sharon holds a torch for tapping into the creative energy of person or project - to mobilize!

Through engaging, creative, insightful and very straight-forward dialogue consultations, Sharon helps others have courage to see beyond obstacles, clarity to sort through "mind clutter" and energy to forge clear forward motion.

With strategic alignment of words, goals, energy and actions...
clarity itself propels forward motion... where seeing the path is far more than an important first step, it is a critical component for any process to move forward!

So, whether sorting out one step in the process of many changes, or crafting a vast new direction for a project or life change, continual clarity of vision is key to moving forward!

It's very simple.

We meet by phone (or Skype) just once if that's the catalyst you need... Or many times, if ongoing support is right for you.

Life changes, business developments, creative projects... whatever you are creating or changing... we collaborate to find the variation that suits you best.

Creative Coaching uncovers insights, fast - deciphers direction, fast - propels movement, fast - and most of all, taps into your creative energy where your answers live - fast... to open and grow forth, the changes you seek!

Give it a try ~ It's easy... Let's help you today!

To reserve your space on Sharon's Coaching Calendar, please reach out by email --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com. Appointments are typically set weekday afternoons.


Beyond Creative Coaching...

Sharon's skills and past experience have included many tactical consulting services in project management, communications, creative collaboration, assessment, program development, writing and more. She has worked for or with large organizations, government service agencies, community groups, communications projects/teams, youth and families and more.

While her time is spent today writing, coaching and sharing her teachings more widely, Sharon is also available on a case-by-case basis for Freelance Consulting Projects and can be reached by email for more information in that regard --> growinggold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Please visit Sharon on to learn more.

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