Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter Magic

I finally got it!

I jumped into the stream of Twitter sometime ago and this weekend after literally 1,000 Tweets, I finally got it with crystal clarity...

My best analogy goes something like this...

Imagine you walk into a huge auditorium with piles of people standing around chatting, engaging, playing, about all sorts of things, business, art, music, politics, family, the environment, travel, commerce and more... like one big party. Now... imagine you started mingling through this crowd as though it were your goal to meet as many folks as possible or simply mix your way through the crowd like a playground for your life's greatest scavenger hunt, where you can find all the answers you need - and share all the answers you hold! Now... imagine this was all happening in an imaginary "space" where all people are connected by no more than a link through the internet, which happens to span the globe! Now add thousands upon thousands upon thousands of opportunities to "meet and greet" along your path across this giant "room" and voila ~ Welcome home for you have arrived in the new Twitterverse!

It might sound crazy... but truly... this is what it's like! I might have figured out the true magic of Twitter, cuz I really think it could be seen as a global-sized party where all types of people imaginable can be found! And for me, even more fun and wildly curious is that there are people to match all the different parts of me, all inside the space of Twitter - as though I only have to think of them... and they show up! (Well, maybe I haven't quite found a match for all those diverse sides just yet... but I know they're out there!)

So the big trick is - contact! You gotta make contact in order to engage or be "heard" by anyone... You have to follow and be "followed," for people to hear your words when you give a shout - with a Tweet! So just like in real life, you have to brush up against someone to say hello... Only, in Twitter, you simply have to know/see their Twitter name in order to make contact. Once you do, you can reach out and follow! If they follow you back... bingo... you now have one more person within reach of your "voice" to receive your Twitter words when you post a Tweet.

So I see it like this... You walk into this great auditorium that reaches around the globe, and anyone you brush up against (make contact with and "follow") you can engage with... Even after you may have "walked" hundreds of people away from the one you met at the door - all the way across the Twitterverse "room" - you can still shout back anytime to that first person with one simple @Tweet, to say hello!

But what do you SAY with all those people?

Just like in life, the real magic begins when you realize you can engage with ALL sorts of different people, differently! You might talk about the weather with one person, merely say hello to another person, find an instantly deep soul friend in another, develop a great business rapport with another, a playful childlike friendship with another, gain a consoling elder in another, a girl-talk friend in another, a serious philosopher in another, a great business partner in another... the list goes on and on forever!

Twitter is just like life - it holds great diversity! And it will be as diverse as you allow it to be... If I choose to relate with one person about my VocalArt, another about my new book and the science of change, another about a marketing tool or writing project, personal relationship or world travel... I can! Because there is such great diversity in this vast "room" of Twitter - I can make it whatever I choose - and so can you... like a great big party of life... ready and willing whenever you feel like "checking in" on the "networking party" that simply never stops!

The key is, you gotta make contact to engage... So you see someone interesting (you click on their name after someone else writes to them, or you use the search tool to find people related to words that match your needs)... and you reach out to them to connect... You "follow" them, let them follow you back... then when the time is right - just like hanging out in that huge auditorium of life - you find yourself standing next to them (that is, you see them Tweeting in the stream at the same time as you) so you strike up a conversation! Or, if its information you need, you hunt around, ask questions and collect piles of new info. Inspiration you seek? Friendship? Just like life... Twitter can provide whatever you need! And just like any large arena... there are times when you feel like talking to a whole crowd of people in a group conversation (when you use a hashtag to track your dialogue) or other times you want to just listen (read the words of others) or sit quietly with one person to contemplate the nature of life with a one-one back and forth.

The way we engage in Twitter - just like in life - varies as much as any mood... The best part is, Twitter is full of opportunity to do it however you like - with the chance to meet new people from across the globe at just the touch of a finger. You can share a lot or a little... or just take in the scenery. It's all up to YOU!

So if you haven't joined yet... try it out... As my new friend @WarrenWhitlock tried convincing me when we met a good six months before I joined, Twitter is not nearly as overwhelming as it seems... Instead, as I've learned, it opens wide a door of opportunity - to meet and greet with a whole world - a whole Twitterverse - of people I may not have ever found, any other way!

Twitter puts the world at your finger tips... ready to listen, share or just be ~ just waiting for us to show up! If you're already there, let's engage... follow me @growinggold and reach out to say hello.

I hope to see you Tweeting in the big ballroom of life very soon!

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, coach and unique presenter sharing the art of change through creativity, with voice and VocalArt that surpasses all expectations! She is presently working on her first book that aims to demystify the complex science of change and creativity that is found in every arena of our lives, work and world. Follow Sharon on Twitter at or follow this blog at right ( to stay abreast of the news! And thanks for stopping by!

Sharon L. Corsaro