Monday, August 17, 2009


Somewhere along the way, I saw a tiny clip of what I now know is the wonderful short film "Validation." I never knew there was a full story to that clip, until just the other day when I received a very simple and lovely tweet from @WarrenWhitlock. It said: "@growinggold Love you back. You are so much like"

So curious... I had to watch. By the end, I was crying with joy!

Such an easy statement sent in response to a very simple tweet I had posted to express my gratitude... And now, I was on cloud nine!

After watching "Validation," I was incredibly moved and honored to be compared to it, as funny as that may sound! Even more funny, I never even realized how much I completely do it all the time - until now! So, thank you Warren Whitlock for sharing your grace and lovely presence, to shine a light for me!

If you have just a few minutes, I highly recommend watching "Validation" right here online. It'll make you laugh... maybe cry... and most of all, it might make you smile with its simple and very sweet message!

Share a compliment and make someone smile! As I would call it, help grow someone else's gold, because you can! It's so easy and SO helpful to us all... to help our world shine a little more, smile a little more and feel good a little more ~ just because!

Sending warm wishes round the globe, as I sincerely hope I am "growing gold" every step of the way.

Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and creative facilitator devoted to "growing gold, from the inside out." Here on Tid Bits of Gold, Sharon shares morsels of gold found in everyday life, to shine a light more clearly on the positive potentials we all hold. She has been working on her first book to reveal her secrets for "doing change, creatively" with plans to share this information far and wide, very soon. Please follow this blog to stay tuned in!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Found Money

I just stumbled on an update I posted to a social network nearly a year ago... and it's so juicy, I just have to share the story here, for it is such a great morsel of gold that many can appreciate!

One day early last October, I had just come off the phone with my little brother to say Happy Birthday to my one-year-old niece. It was a great connect with really good energy, because I really miss and love my little brother and I completely adore his new little daughter... Well, the timing of our talk was such that it was right when my brother's small little town in the mountains of Eastern California was all over the national news about a plane wreckage that had been discovered in the mountains there.

So as we talked, I mentioned the news and asked about all the hubbub going on in his little town. That's when I learned that my brother, who lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., is friends with the hiker who had earlier that week, literally stumbled upon some money in the woods - money that was later determined to have belonged to a very wealthy and famous pilot who had disappeared a full year prior.

When my brother shared that he knew the hiker who'd made the discovery, he told me, he's a really humble guy who worked at a local sporting goods store and had just been out hiking around off trail when he stumbled on the discovery. And that's when he told me that the guy had been awarded a very handsome reward for turning-in the thousand dollar bills he'd found strewn across the mountain side... I sort of gasped at this news, and then we both said... "Wow, so that guy just became a millionaire - by walking in the woods! What do ya know 'bout that?!".... We really got it... and with a huge laugh and jubilant recognition, we were so happy to revel in knowing his friend's extremely good fortune.

And I said... so, guess the moral is... just keep doing what you know is right... and before long, good things happen... just because!


I really love coming across this story today, because it is such a rich example (pardon the pun!) ... and a great morsel of gold from everyday life!

It gives me such a hopeful feeling to know things like this happen! To me... knowing good examples of what is possible is so important because the idea gets planted in us that we could have this kind of good fortune too! Because... Why NOT?!

This hiker was a really humble guy... when he made the find, it was mostly just money laying on the ground - many thousand dollar bills and a hardly distinguishable torn piece of paper. He was a pretty humble guy for whom I'm sure $100 would have been awesome "found money"... not to mention what many $1000's would be! So, he could have just kept the money, as I'm sure it might have easily seemed "left without a trace" to any owner... but after considering the situation, he thought he'd better notify authorities, for after all, it was a bit strange to find that kind of money laying around out in the woods.

Lo and behold, it was quickly determined that this hiker's find was the missing clue for a plane that had disappeared a full year prior, for which all search efforts had failed. The money he'd found apparently belonged to the famous pilot who had been lost "somewhere in the Sierra."

So it was a miracle really... the hiker notified authorities, turned in the money and that was that...

But then... the story came full circle, the hiker was eventually given a $1 million award by the family of the pilot! Wow! That had to have been an enormous shock - and a huge jackpot for him!

So, he did the right thing, gave up the money he'd found which was probably hard to part with, but he ended up getting back an enormously more substantial amount... not to mention the whole "rest of the story" that unfolded in bringing closure to an unsolved mystery for the pilot's family and all others concerned! And all of that... "for just walking in the woods" ~ Amazing!

So, good things do happen... often when least expected... and just because!

Here's to holding hope, and knowing, treasures behold... it all comes around in the end! ~

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant. She shares morsels of gold found in everyday life and our world, through her writings and Creative Coaching practice where she empowers others with tools for "doing change, creatively" ~ in life, business, community and more. To learn more about Sharon, please visit ~ and follow this blog to catch more stories, pouring!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sharon gets Published at Zen Moments

Isn't it interesting when a story just keeps on going...

I shared a personal experience on my blog a few months ago. And recently it was discovered by the website They wrote to me asking if they could share it... and now I understand why!

My story was about an article I had received via email, that also happened to link back to the zenmoments website. However, the intrigue is that the story I later learned was pretty viral and famous across the web, was also very personal to You see, they were the folks who connected the dots to track down the missing author of what was then an anonymous story circulating thousands of times across emails and blogs... about a "Cab Ride." Zenmoments was so curious and taken by the story that through a very diligent effort, they found the author Kent Nerburn, and published his piece on their website with the author's permission... the first to find, honor and recognize the author of the now famous story "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget."

Well, sometime much later, I came along and had my own very personal and moving experience with "The Cab Ride" story and its author. I shared my own story on this blog, about how the piece hit me and my life at a very pivotal time. Well, months after sharing my own story, surfaced in my life too, and they wanted to publish my story too! So the great news is, now they have!

I share with you now that my piece called "Reflections on The Cab Ride" is now published at - right here. The article appeared here on Tid Bits of Gold first, back in April 2009 - and now, I am honored to say, it is being shared again, at

You can find my first posting of "Reflections on The Cab Ride" right here on the Tid Bits of Gold blog, and if you like it, I would love to hear your thoughts with a comment at either the zenmoments site or here at TidBitsofGold.

And remember... zen moments are real... happening all the time! So be sure to keep an eye out... you don't want to miss 'em!

by Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant. She took an extended sabbitcal this year to write her first book, and is now preparing to launch a new website that will share her teachings and content more fluidly. She shares tools for "doing change, creatively" through her creative coaching practice, and she writes about the stories that unfold, as morsels of gold found in every day life, work and play. Find more from Sharon Corsaro at and be sure to follow this blog, to catch more stories!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


in the moments I have left...
I must shine this light upon us, my dear, upon us, so clear...

in the moments I have left...
I must shed this light upon us, so clear, upon us, my dear, upon us... oh so clear

in the moments we have left,
we must shine this light upon us my dear, upon us so clear, upon us, oh my dear...

in the moments we have left,
we must call the light upon us my dear, upon us so clear, upon us, oh my dear...

in the moments I have left,
I must feel this light upon us, oh clear, upon us oh so dear, upon us... oh my dear...

in the moments we have left...
in the moments that are here...
in the moments we have now...

we must call... the light to share...
we must call... the light to bare...

we must call... the light... call the light... call this light... tonight.

in the moments we have left...
we must call upon the highest, my love, the highest, my love, the highest...
we must call the light to be...
we must call the light, to see...

we must call... the light...

call the light...

the light...

by Sharon L. Corsaro online at

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach, freelance consultant... and periodic creative song creator! At times of stillness, living song comes pouring through Sharon as natural human instrument, where words, melody and more come forth - on the spot. While professionally focused at present, on writing and creative coaching... Sharon's truest art, is shared through her voice. A rich spirit with melody and words came forth on this evening, repeating the words from above... To learn more about Sharon's voice and vocalArt, please visit or