Monday, August 17, 2009


Somewhere along the way, I saw a tiny clip of what I now know is the wonderful short film "Validation." I never knew there was a full story to that clip, until just the other day when I received a very simple and lovely tweet from @WarrenWhitlock. It said: "@growinggold Love you back. You are so much like"

So curious... I had to watch. By the end, I was crying with joy!

Such an easy statement sent in response to a very simple tweet I had posted to express my gratitude... And now, I was on cloud nine!

After watching "Validation," I was incredibly moved and honored to be compared to it, as funny as that may sound! Even more funny, I never even realized how much I completely do it all the time - until now! So, thank you Warren Whitlock for sharing your grace and lovely presence, to shine a light for me!

If you have just a few minutes, I highly recommend watching "Validation" right here online. It'll make you laugh... maybe cry... and most of all, it might make you smile with its simple and very sweet message!

Share a compliment and make someone smile! As I would call it, help grow someone else's gold, because you can! It's so easy and SO helpful to us all... to help our world shine a little more, smile a little more and feel good a little more ~ just because!

Sending warm wishes round the globe, as I sincerely hope I am "growing gold" every step of the way.

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Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and creative facilitator devoted to "growing gold, from the inside out." Here on Tid Bits of Gold, Sharon shares morsels of gold found in everyday life, to shine a light more clearly on the positive potentials we all hold. She has been working on her first book to reveal her secrets for "doing change, creatively" with plans to share this information far and wide, very soon. Please follow this blog to stay tuned in!


Anonymous said...

God bless you always and forever and ever!


Jamie Velasco

Sharon L Corsaro said...

Thank you Jamie!

Thanks so much for coming by... pretty sure I responded to this comment ages ago over on Twitter - but just to be sure... I'm here to say THANK YOU! Hope this finds you doing GREAT today :)