Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Power of Freedom

Let freedom ring... the message blazing so strong, as I witness the unfolding events of this week... The interesting alignment between our new President Obama and his allegiance to our very old President Lincoln – the man who was responsible for freeing the slaves (a most profound statement for Freedom) and the man who stands as evidence of that freedom, as first black President of the United States.

Freedom... what a powerful topic... The power of freedom is the power to create – to be FREE in your environs such that you are FREE in your mind... FREE in your thoughts and ideas, FREE to dream... FREE to believe, FREE to have faith that despite the worst of circumstances, you will prevail... Free to have Hope.

Freedom is a most profound ideal, particularly in its most primal sense when it has been taken away... Yet what I see right now is that even the most subtle sense of freedom is an enormously powerful tool - realizing that even the smallest threat to one’s freedom can have dramatic affect upon one's sense of power and ability to act, respond and behave in alignment with their human dignity, their wisdom, their creativity and their true personal power.

I realize as I ponder that even the slightest impingement upon a person’s personal freedom can drastically affect their capacity to produce. And for me, this comes straight down to the flow of creative energy, and the nature of creativity... the manner in which creativity itself actually works - a vastly important realm for us all to understand, for creating new solutions - to anything!

Innovation comes through creativity... and creativity needs a nurturing space – it needs space - quite the opposite of restricted freedom. Creativity needs openness that can allow it the ability to unfold. Like a delicate flower blooming – in a restricted demanding space, a flower may not be as easy to expand, as it would in a loving environment where there is ample support.

Creativity needs openness, in truth, it needs love. Or rather, in a space of love, creativity can thrive with ability to do much less in a space of stress, constriction, limited beliefs or attitudes - and a lack of freedom where personal power is reduced.

Which brings me to my own sense of freedom on very subtle levels... I see with crisp clarity that of course I needed to break free of restriction for very real and important reasons. In a restricted environment my own most powerful creative force and creative capacity was being hindered, and worse, actually blocked - a tragic thing indeed! So I feel and say thank God, I found a way to break free! For even when restrictions seem quite subtle... there is clearly impact, there is a limitation imposed, and those limits can drastically reduce the overall creative capacity...

When we are building something new, expanding new ideas or concepts, creating new structure for a business, book, or anything new... we need space, we need creative flow, we need the freedom to create!

So I say thank you, for I am profoundly grateful that I was given a bridge, for the hand that lifted me out of a place that was oppressing me to arrive instead in a place of deep Grace - where the love that surrounds me – the love that IS me – is able to flourish, come forth and come out – because I am allowed... because I am set FREE.

The power of Freedom is a mighty force that all together fully relates to the power to create... the power to flourish, the power to unite and allow great things to come forth...

I am grateful as I sing to this day - that I was set Free.

Thank you!

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thoughts Grow Our World?

[A sweet little Tid Bit I've shared along the way, this piece I wrote in March 2008 feels like a good New Year start - So I share...]

Ever think about what you’re thinking? Well you should! For creating – or growing – the world around us, really does start with our thinking!

I've been helping others navigate change creatively for something like two decades or more - and having studied the creative process extensively throughout - I've learned a thing or two along the way... In fact, I'm writing a book to encapsulate the systems I've developed over all these years for navigating the process! One of the sweet little morsels I like to share, is that truth be known - creating or changing anything - really does start with “what we think!” With this in mind, I once was inspired with a fun and easy analogy and great teaching tool - for getting us back on track to "monitor" our thinking. Simply put, it goes like this...

Consider “your thoughts” are like water... your thoughts are the energy (like water) that grows the “garden” of your life - and world! Like in a garden, when seeds are fed lots of water, they grow! So consider “your thoughts” as the water that grows your “garden.” Digest the power of this simple little notion... and you realize you can become extra aware of what you are "watering" – where you give your thoughts and energy – to better ensure you are “watering” what you want to grow - not over indulging "too much water" to drown a new plant (idea or project) and "not" watering, that is, allowing “to go dry” that which no longer serves you (old stuff, relationships, anger, fear...etc.)!

So go out and prosper in the New Year... and watch what you're thinking! Pull out some weeds, don't over water, feed your new seeds... and grow a good garden this year - one that's like gold!

...Just the tip of the iceberg ~ with mountains more to share! See you on the next one...

by Sharon L. Corsaro
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