Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All about Coaching: Catch the Interview!

[Catch the Archived Interview - click here to listen NOW!]

What is Coaching?

We hear it all the time, "I'm a health coach, or I'm a business coach, or I'm a writing coach..." Well, there are SO many different types and styles of coaching... you really have to dig a little deeper, to find more.

What do Coaches really do... And why would someone want a Coach?

Well these are the questions that hit Kimyon Zari, creator of The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles Show on Blog Talk Radio, when she decided to host a panel of Coaches to get some answers for her listeners. And your's truly... Sharon Corsaro, Creative Coach extraordinaire... was one of the first to line-up. Quickly running from idea to fruition, Zari has assembled an excellent group of Coaches for a show that is sure to knock your socks off, with all you want to know about Coaching!

"A Coaching Forum," streaming live from the web Thurs night, July 30 from 5 to 6:30 pm Pacific Time (8 to 9:30 pm Eastern Time), promises to reveal a wide variance of opinions and styles from a great line up of Coaches. Sharing expertise and styles that range from personal to business, creative and more, the show should be hopping with variety and fun!

Answering questions like "what is coaching," "how can coaching help clients" and "how has coaching helped YOU," Zari aims to stretch the gamet for 90 minutes of lively discussion - and a great opportunity for listeners to get a lot of information without putting themselves "on the line." Yet, as time allows, the panel will take questions from listeners, as individuals call in their personal queries too.

You won't want to miss this one... you can catch it from anywhere you're able to log online, and here's the skinny for how to:

The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles Show, hosted by the Kimyon Zari (@TheDiamondCoach) on Blog Talk Radio, airs Thurs., July 30 at 5 pm Pacific Time, 8 pm Eastern Time. Interviewing a panel of Coaches with a wide range of styles, Zari aims to get down to brass tacks - All About Coaching!

The show can be heard over the web - Just log onto the webpage and click the player box found just to the right of the host's picture: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Diamonaire-Lifestyle.

Hosted by Kimyon Zari, @TheDiamondCoach,
eatured guests include:

Michelle Casto, @brightmichelle
Anita Charlot, @anitacharlot
Sharon Corsaro, @growinggold
Charles Major, @iamamogul
Bahiyah Shabazz, @shabazzmgmtgrp

We'd love to hear your thoughts LIVE... but if you have to miss the live show, a recording should be available online... Find a recorded version of the archived show right here!

by Sharon L. Corsaro, online at growinggold.com

Sharon Corsaro is a writer, creative coach and freelance consultant empowering the principles of "doing change" creatively! She shares wisdom unearthed from years of navigating the process of change and creative development, through her writings and coaching. Offering Creative Coaching in bite-sized consultations by phone, Sharon shares a highly flexible format that allows clients to seek her help "just 30 minutes at a time" when needed... Just one session can be the catalyst for clarity that lands all pieces into place, or ongoing periodic support, for a business project or life change could be in order too. It's the growing gold philosophy that drives Sharon's passion for "growing gold, from the inside out".... where clarity is her gift, and mobilizing us all forward, is her path!


Anita Charlot said...

Absolutely FANTABULOUS!!! I'm so excited about the call tonight!

Th said...

A sparkling blog that inspires me to be there. Lol!!! You are an extraordinary coach Sharon. Give thanks.

Warren Whitlock said...

Congratulations on all the success you've been experiencing. So glad we are connected.

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